Baby Lips

Harry Styles was used to getting what he wanted. But that seemed to change when Scarlett McVay crashed into his life... literally.

Harry wants the one girl that doesn't want him back, and he'll do anything to have her.

Winning what you want might mean losing something you need.


4. Four

My back was pressed against the door of the radio studio as if it were cemented down. I wanted so desperately to melt into the walls of the tiny room and disappear. Breathing came hard for me, as if I was once again smushed under Harry Styles, trying to get my chest to move up and down and pump air throughout my body. 
The radio DJ waved his wrinkled hand for me to come over to him and the boys. I squeezed my eyes shut before taking a step toward them. I quickly thought about chucking the phone at Harry and taking off, but I continued over to the grey-haired man. 
“Come on, love.” He grinned showing his off-white teeth and laugh lines. I gulped audibly as my eyes scanned for Harry’s. He was holding back a laugh, probably at the fact I looked like a crazed deer caught in the headlights of a car. 
“Yeah, we don’t bite.” I heard a deep, smokey voice say to my left. My eyes met with a pair of brown ones with a color I can’t even describe. I knew who he was, and I knew he was hot. But, I never really knew boys could be... beautiful. And man, oh, man, Zayn was pretty damn beautiful. I couldn’t help the tug I felt on the corners of my lips as they formed a goofy smile. His voice, his eyelashes, his crooked little smirk, his everything seemed to calm me down a bit.  
Harry cleared his throat and causing me to blink multiple times, my Zayn trance being broken. I laughed nervously before the DJ spoke. 
“From what I heard, you’re Scarlett.” I nodded my head lightly in response. “Well, it is an absolute pleasure. I’m Maxwell and I’m hosting this lovely get together, so why don’t you squeeze on in between Zayn and Niall and we’ll continue!” He squeezed my shoulder as I squawked out a gross laugh. I bit my bottom lip, punishing myself for opening my mouth. 
Zayn and Niall stepped apart in unison making room for me. I smiled up at Niall and for a second got lost in his ice blue eyes. He returned with a cheeky wink. Zayn threw his arm around Liam, who stood next to him before Maxwell spoke. 
“So Scarlett, how did you get yourself in this, One Direction, predicament?” I laughed lightly, shaking my head from side to side before responding. 
“I, uhm,” I stammered. “I don’t really think the fans want to hear about me in a One Direction radio interview.”  
And as if on cue the boys shouted responses at me: 
“Awh, c’mon!” I heard Niall say from my right. 
“Only a few questions.” Louis shouted above the rest of the boy’s meaningless banter. 
“It’ll be fun.” A low whisper tickled my ear drum causing my shoulder to shoot up to my neck and a girly squeak to follow. Zayn’s one comment, in that one seductive tone made me actually stay. 
“Alright.” I whispered. “But not a lot of questions!” I held up a hand before unbuttoning my pale pink coat and tossing it on the chair behind me. I ruffled my brown waves before listening intently to Maxwell’s choppy accent. 
“Well, we can all tell that you are American. So what the hell are you doing here in England?” He asked the same question I get asked every time I open my mouth in an unfamiliar location. 
“I’m studying, uh-” I paused, wondering if I should lie about my major. Maybe say something a little more girly like, fashion or English. Nah, why bother? “I’m studying mathematics at Oxford currently.”  
I heard all the boys begin to snicker mercilessly and regretted my decision of being honest. I laughed lightly, trying to act as if I thought it was funny too. 
“We’ve got a little nerd on our hands.” Louis sang into the microphone and my eyes rolled. Like I haven’t heard that one before. I crossed my arms over the thick gray sweater I was wearing. 
“Alright Scarlett, why don’t you tell us the nerdiest thing about you then?” That question was new. I never really considered myself a geek, or nerd, or loser. I just always thought of myself as... independent. But now that I really thought of it, maybe I was a nerd. 
“Well, I can solve a Rubiks cube in under a minute-thirty.” I spat out with an eager grin. 
“Won’t believe it ‘til I see it!” Liam shouted narrowing his eyes at me, I narrowed mine back in return but smiled, letting him know it was all for fun. 
I hate to admit it, but I kind of liked these boys. They were definitely easy to get along with and knew how to take a joke. 
“I actually think we might have one around here somewhere...” Maxwell trailed off as he searched around his desk and computer screens, until out of nowhere a jumbled cube of different color squares appeared in his hand. He tossed it to me and caught it in both hands. 
“Does someone want to time me?” I asked looking down the row of boys. Louis snatched his cell phone out of his pocket and shook it over in my view. He pressed a few buttons and started his count down. 
“Three, two, one. Go!” He shouted throwing his hand in the air. Quickly, I shuffled the rows from left to right and up and down. I got the blue side to align with ease, and once the one side was completed the rest came naturally. I spun the last row until each color lined up and smacked the finished puzzle on the table with look of pride beaming from my face. 
“Done.” I stated and looked over at Louis, waiting for my time to be read aloud. 
“One minute and three seconds.” He huffed before dropping his phone and clapping loudly. “Brava, Scarlett!” He shouted as the boys joined in the round of applause. I smiled and caught Harry’s bright green eyes, he blinked slowly before running his tongue along the edge of his lips. I gasped quietly and looked away, over whelmed at the eye contact just made. 
“Well, that was something else!” Maxwell said at the clapping died down. “How did you learn how to do that?”  
“I guess you can say, I have a lot of time on my hands.” I pressed my lips together, feeling the slick peppermint lip balm that coated my lips. 
“You really need a life.” Harry whispered into the microphone. My eyebrows furrowed together. 
“And you really need a hair cut.” I spat back at him. I wasn’t quite sure why, but I was annoyed. I heard Niall laugh uncontrollably and I giggled along with him. He patted my back lightly. 
“Good one, Scarlett. Great one.” I nodded my head as a thank you and glanced over at Harry. His eyes that were once gleaming, glared at me. I shrugged my shoulders as if I was saying, “Hey, I ain’t even mad.” 
“So, really, how did you end up in this situation?” He pointed to all the boys around me. I leaned on my right leg, getting comfortably close with Niall, who didn’t seem to mind. 
“Why don’t you ask Harry that question, hmm?” I looked down at him. Before he spoke a smirk spread across his lips and I immediately regretted saying that. This is when that time control super power I wanted ever so badly, would come in handy. 
“Well, Scarlett here seems to our number one fan.” He kept eye contact with me the whole time. “And as I was trying to run away from her, she was shouting ‘Harry I love you! Let me touch you!’” The boys began to giggle and I elbowed Niall in the stomach for laughing, he mumbled a sorry and continued to hold back a snicker. 
“And anyway, she shoved her hands down my back pocket, trying to get a good feel of my bum, but snatched my cell phone instead.” My lower jaw jutted out and I blinked slowly. I knew that a fake story of how we met was coming, but I didn’t expect that load of horse shit. 
“You can’t be serious.” I mumbled under my breath. 
“Oh, but Scarlett... I am.” He winked at me and began to gnaw at the gum that was in his mouth. I pulled out Harry’s phone from my back pocket and slid it down the table to him. 
“Here, you wanted it back. There it is. Give me mine and I’ll be out of your way.” I began to step away from my spot between giggly Niall and beautiful Zayn. Harry grasped his own phone in his hands. 
“It’s not that easy, love.” He spoke with a tone I couldn’t exactly read. Annoyance? Anger? Flirtation? 
“How about we end this Scarlett interview and go back to the boys.” I stared at Maxwell before slumping into the chair that held my coat. Maxwell took the hint and moved onto Twitter questions that the fans had asked prior. 
I chomped on the inside of my cheek, the only thing that held me back from literally attacking Harry right then and there.

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