Baby Lips

Harry Styles was used to getting what he wanted. But that seemed to change when Scarlett McVay crashed into his life... literally.

Harry wants the one girl that doesn't want him back, and he'll do anything to have her.

Winning what you want might mean losing something you need.


5. Five

I had to wipe the look of disgust off my face when the boys started to sing an a cappella version of their song What Makes You Beautiful. I had heard the song on the radio multiple times, too many times actually, but hearing them sing it live. Hearing the range in their voices and how they perfectly harmonized without any warm up what so ever... it was actually quite astonishing. 
The interview quickly ended and after the boys shook hands with Maxwell they filed out of the room in a single line. I gathered my coat and purse while Maxwell spoke, 
“It’s a brave thing you did, Miss Scarlett.” I smiled politely as he tipped his head in my direction. “Young boys are tough, but they’ll learn. Trust me.” He shot me a wink before exiting the studio himself. 
I sighed. I’m sorry Maxwell, but I very much doubt that Harry will ever become a mature adult. There was nothing I wanted more than to get my phone and go home. Forget that this whole mess even happened, sink back into my normal routine. 
I clung to my coat as I walked out of the studio and saw the boys standing around, giggling about something someone had just said. Except, Zayn had went missing some how. I decided not to worry about it and went straight to Harry, who still was keeping my phone hostage in the back pocket of his disgustingly well fit khaki trousers. 
“I’d like my cell phone back now.” I held out my hand, palm up hoping he would carefully place it in it so I could run. But what I’m starting to find out is, with Harry it is never that easy. He wrinkled his brow and reached for the device in his back pocket, he held it out in front of him. He quickly glanced from it to me and back with his bright emerald eyes. 
“This phone? Is this what you want?” I pursed my lips and rolled my eyes. Was he really going to play this game with me? Or was he actually asking for a punch in the nut sack? 
“Yes, Harry.” I almost growled out at him. His lips formed into his striking smile that made my narrowing eyes soften at the sight. I hated him for that. 
“Well then here you go.” He held it out for me. I inhaled in anticipation, but sighed with anger as Harry held it up higher as I tried to reach for it. I always considered myself on the tall side, but next to Harry I looked miniscule. I huffed as the rest of the boys laughed in amusement as I hopped up and down trying to snatch the phone out of Harry’s unreachable grasp.  
I finally gave up. 
“You are so difficult.” I felt my relaxed fingers ball into fists as anger overcame me. Harry could most definitely see this, but of course he took it as a chance to just push my buttons even harder. 
“Why don’t you go complain about me to your math book or something? I’m sure they’ll actually care what you have to say.” My chest rose with a burning breath before I exhaled sharply. I pivoted on my feet and looked for a way to escape that horrid excuse for a boy.  
There was a metal door that I expected led outside behind Louis. I marched past him and pushed the door open. The cold breeze blowing my hair back and causing my pale cheeks to automatically flush a pale pink color. 
I let out a loud scream in the dirty alley way that the door led to. Throwing my fists in the air in a fit of anger. Harry was rotten. He was such a waste of incredibly good looks. I barely even knew this boy and everything that came out of his mouth got my blood to boil. I tugged on the roots of my hair and squeezed my eyes shut. My head shook furiously. 
“Are you, uh, okay?” I heard a familiar voice speak in a tone just above a whisper. My eyes shot open and my hands flew to my sides as I saw Zayn approaching me. He had a lit cigarette hanging from his perfectly pink lips that caused me to furrow my eyebrows together. 
Smoking was a nasty habit, but in some way he made it look... hot. I laughed nervously before answering. 
“Yeah, I’m... It’s just your pal Harry is a handful.” I said as I rubbed my palms together, wishing I had brought my coat out here with me. Zayn laughed as he took a drag from the cigarette. I gulped. 
“He can be two handfuls sometimes, but he’s a good mate. Do anything for you.” He said pushing the white stick back between his lips. I tilted my head to the right. 
“I’m sorry, but isn’t smoking not the best for the vocal cords?” I said motioning to toward his mouth. His perfectly shaped mouth. He smiled and scratched the back of his neck, I could see the outlining of his arm muscles through the button down shirt he was wearing. 
“Yeah, I’m trying to quit but...” He trailed off as I stepped toward him.  
“Well, then let me help you.” I grabbed the cigarette from his mouth and flicked it on the ground. I stomped on in with the ball of my foot, twisting it and driving it deeper into the cold concrete. “There.” I smiled smugly up at him, finally becoming aware of the little amount of space between us. 
His eyes traveled from being locked on mine, to my lips. But they snapped to looking behind me once the door opened with a loud thud. We both stumbled back from each other when we saw Liam coming toward both of us. 
“There you are Zayn, been looking everywhere for ya.” He put an arm around his friend and smiled down at me. I returned the favor.  
“Sorry about Harry, Scarlett.” Liam spoke with a bit of pity in his voice. “He’s not normally like this.” He shook his head and looked over at Zayn. 
“So he’s not normally a cheeky little twat?” My eyes rolled at the thought of him. The two boys in front of me laughed lightly. 
“No, no. He’s only a cheeky little twat to girls he finds attractive.” Liam playfully hit my arm causing me to smirk. 
“So he finds every woman in the world attractive, then?” I said as a gust of icy wind blew past me, making me grip my arms tighter in an effort to keep me warm. The boys laughed again. “Well, I guess I’ll be going now.” I said beginning to step away from the two of them. I turned my back and quickly shuffled to the cold-to-the-touch door. 
“Hey, wait!” I heard Zayn call after me. I looked back, pushing my hair behind my neck as a result of it blowing in my face.  
“You’re coming out with us tomorrow night, right?” He continued as they stepped closer to me. I frowned. 
Did these boys not realize I had just met them? Sure, it was one thing to be welcoming, but this might take things to the next level. 
“What?” I asked still in shock. Liam smiled. 
“Do you, Scarlett,” He pointed at me. “want to come out with us, One Direction?” He motioned between him and Zayn. I laughed as his attempt to amuse me worked. 
“Well, aren’t you guys busy with work? I-I don’t want to get in the way of that.” I stammered avoiding Zayn’s carmely eyes. I knew if I got one peep at those peepers, I would immediately agree to do anything they wanted me to do. 
“It’s our last night in Oxford, we want to go out with a bang.” Liam laughed and squeezed Zayn’s shoulder. I searched for more excuses in my head. 
“I don’t know. I barely know you guys.” I shrugged my shoulder and curled my frozen fingers around the handle to the door. Zayn sighed and I involuntarily gazed up at him, cursing myself for getting lost in his endless irises. 
“Well come out with us, so we do get to know each other.” He batted his thick black eyelashes in my direction. My lips contorted in a silly grin before I pressed my lips together, aware of the fact I probably just looked like a fool. 
“Okay.” I whispered and looked down at my boots. I fought back a smile as the boys cheered.  
“Great! We’ll send a car to pick you up.” I raised an eyebrow. Did they stalk me? Or did they just expect me to tell them my home address? 
“Don’t you need to know, um, where I live?” I asked quickly, my single words sounding like one big mushed one. Liam threw his head back in a deep laugh. Even though he wasn’t the eldest in the group, he seemed the most mature. 
“I’m going to let you in on a secret.” He lowered his head to meet my line of vision. “If you’re looking for someone, it is a lot easier to find them when you’re in a boy band.” He winked at me and I pushed out a laugh. 
I didn’t know whether to be amused or creeped out. 
“Alright, well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” I said as an effort to finally get home. I needed to get away from this place, if I had my phone or not. Liam and Zayn nodded and waved goodbye as I pushed the door open. My freezing limbs were relieved to feel the heat radiating from every which way. 
Niall was the only one left in the room. He sat sprawled out on a green bean bag chair, sipping from a bottle water. I smiled at him as I pushed on my coat and buttoned its chunky black buttons. 
“Here.” Niall held out my iPhone. I gasped and snatched it from him. I looked up at him before throwing my arms around his neck, hugging him tight. 
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I squealed into his ear before leaving a slobbery kiss on his cheek. He laughed as I pulled away from the embrace and kissed the screen of my phone. “How did you-” Niall cut me off before I could speak. 
“Harry is full of the same tricks, just gotta figure ‘em out.” He smiled and I mirrored his facial expression. He was truly I life saver, I owed him... big time
“Well, thank you again. It was great meeting you.” I waved at him. 
“You too, Scarlett.” He nodded his blond head in toward me, before I headed out of the room. I didn’t bother wondering where Harry and Louis had went. By the looks of how much they touched each other in that interview... they probably went to make out somewhere. 

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