Baby Lips

Harry Styles was used to getting what he wanted. But that seemed to change when Scarlett McVay crashed into his life... literally.

Harry wants the one girl that doesn't want him back, and he'll do anything to have her.

Winning what you want might mean losing something you need.


8. Eight

Harry’s trembling fingers struggled to slide the small plastic key card to unlock the door to his hotel room. But once we finally entered the lavishly decorated suite, he wasted no time. 
At the sound of the door slamming, his hands snaked along the small of my back as he pulled me closer toward him. I gasped in shock right as his fiery lips pressed against mine. Our tongues met and my hands slid under his blazer, pushing it off his shoulders as he shimmied it down the rest of his arms leaving it to lie limp by the golden strip of light that shown in from under the door. 
I began to kick off my heeled boots causing my height to plummet compared to Harry towering over me. He craned his neck to keep our passionate kiss intact, but gave up and grasped my bum. Picking me up as my legs wrapped around his waist. His fingers wrapped tight around my thighs as he walked us over toward the bedroom. 
His lips were wet and warm and skillful. It seemed like every move they made against mine was in sync. I couldn’t help but let out a breathy moan into his mouth, feeling his form into a smirk when the sound vibrated against him. 
He carelessly tossed me onto the large bed behind us. He paused for a minute looking me over, his iridescent eyes glowing in the darkly lit room. Which I was quite thankful for because it shielded my blushing cheeks. His plump tongue ran across his lips before he crawled on top of me, diving for my neck. 
I felt his breath huff on my skin before his pouted lips lightly ran across my collar bone. Goose bumps followed the trail he made with tongue. His teeth gently tugging on the sweet spots of my neck when I felt his hand unbutton the several buttons on my blouse. I arched my back into his touch, almost begging for more of it. His left hand slid underneath the sheer material to grope my chest.  
And it was at that point, when the fog of sexual attraction and lust cleared in my mind. That when I realized what I was doing and how vile and how wrong it was.  
My eyelids tore open, but I could see nothing in the pitch black room. All I could feel was Harry lapping at my neck like a thirsty dog and his hand roughly squeezing my boobs like he was giving me some kind of medical exam.  
I opened my mouth to speak but only a weird croaking noise came out. I swallowed hard and attempted to voice myself once again. 
“Stop.” I managed to say in a whisper.  
“Stop what?” Harry said in between sloppy kisses underneath my right earlobe. I felt like some weird, emotionless mannequin he was playing with. 
“Stop that.” I said trying to wiggle free from underneath his body. His head shot up and he shifted his weight on his forearm. He looked down at me, his brow wrinkled in confusion. My eyes scanned the darkness around him, trying to search for the right words to say. 
“This is wrong.” I said rolling out from under him and sitting up, trying to stay as far away from him as possible. I heard him huff a small laugh. I held my breath and rebuttoned my shirt as he spoke. 
“You didn’t seem to think it was wrong about thirty seconds ago.” I heard his voice coming from right behind me. I leapt off the bed, avoiding him like a bad smell.  
“I- I know, but you’re not- I’m not... sober.” I shook my head. Harry scooted to the edge of the bed his legs hanging off the side and his eyes gazed up at me. “And plus, I have class in the morning. I need to get some sleep.” But before I could make a clean get away, Harry grasped my hand and brought it to his face. 
“Then stay here,” He ran my limp fingers across his cheek, “and sleep with me.” He whispered. For a small moment my hand began to caress the dips of his dimples, but I retracted my hand back to my side quickly. 
“I can’t.” I whispered before scurrying over toward the door and grabbing my shoes and purse. I didn’t bother struggling to put the boots on my freezing feet and just slammed the door on the way out. I squinted my eyes at the harsh white light that was produced by the ceiling lamps in the hotel hallway and blinked a few times until I got used to the light. 
There was a pinch in the back of my throat, the kind you get when you are so disgusted with something that you want to puke. That something was myself. How could I stoop so low? How could I actually agree to go back to Harry Styles’ hotel with him? I pressed my lips together with force, cursing myself for still tasting him on them.  
My thumb jammed the button to the elevator several times until it almost cramped up. I grasped the roots of my hair in a fit of rage. I wanted nothing more than to scream, take multiple Advil, and sleep until the horrible memory was erased from my mind. I heard the elevator ding, causing me to shift my bloodshot eyes to the figure that stood behind the sliding silver doors.  
“Scarlett?” My heart dropped from my chest to my butt in a matter of milliseconds. “What are you doing here?” Zayn asked as he exited the lift, his eyes quickly scanning over me but stopped at my chest. I quickly looked down, noticing that I had forgotten to button a few buttons at the top of my shirt, exposing my lacy bra to the world, and especially Zayn Malik. 
“Oh, um, I-” I stammered as I frantically crossed my arms over my chest, “Harry, he was really trashed and I, uh, walked him home. Just to make sure he didn’t... y’know... die.” I bit my lip roughly, praying to the higher power above that he would believe my lie. Zayn’s lips formed a smile. 
“That’s really thoughtful of you.” I exhaled at his response, quietly thanking the kind guardian angel watching over me. I nodded slowly and glanced over at the open doors of the elevator. 
“Well, this time I really am gonna go.” I pointed my thumb in the direction of the lift. Zayn smiled and followed it by a low laugh, my breathing became irregular as well as my heartbeat. 
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll see you around.” He spoke as I backed into the lift. I smiled and waved awkwardly. 
Just as the doors were about to shut, he stuck his arm out in front of them, startling me and the motion sensors in the doors causing them to snap back open. I looked at him with wide eyes. 
“Look,” He started, leaning against his hand that was pressed against the elevator door frame, “I would really like it if we could hang out sometime. So if you’re ever free one day... just give me a ring.”  
I took a deep breath as my goofy grin grew on my lips. I did nothing but nod like a little Scarlett bobble head and I watched him snicker in response. He slapped the cold metal elevator, stepping away from it as the doors slowly slid close. 
“Have a good night.” He said just as the doors met in the middle and the lift soared down the the marble floors of the lobby. 
Before exiting the elevator, I hobbled and pushed on my black boots and buttoned my blouse the whole way. I took long strides over to the glass doors that was helpfully opened by a doorman dressed in a dark green uniform. I whispered a thank you to him and began to make my trek home. 
My apartment wasn’t far away from where One Direction was lodging for their stay in Oxford and I was quite thankful since it was a bitterly cold night. I hugged my arms in an attempt to keep my body heat in, my mind buzzing with thoughts of the night. 
I could still feel my throat tighten when I thought of Harry, but I relaxed a bit when Zayn’s soft olive face came to mind. His smooth, velvety voice that asked me to dance with him and keep in touch.  
Touch. Harry. Harry’s rough touch. I squeezed my eyes shut, but they reopened when I faint flash came from my right. 
Click click. I heard from behind me and I turned my neck so fast I could have caused whip lash.  
Click click. I heard again, this time it was right in front of me and accompanied by a bright, white flash and a man holding an expensive looking camera. 
Click click click click. The sound and flashes were everywhere now. There was shouting as well. Shouting toward me, with their camera’s flashing for me. 
Why me though? I’m no one important. My inner thoughts were answered when I heard one of the several men shout a question at me. 
“Tell us why you left so soon after Harry Styles took you home to his hotel, sweetie!”



this was a bit short..... sorry. but it wasn't as rushed as last chapter so can i get a yay? yaaaaaay!! lolol, welp what did you thinK? there was a little bit of everything in there. some mcstyles and some zarlett ya know ya know?


ANYWAY... do you have any predictions? like where do you think the story is going to go from here? i'd like to see what you guys think :)


WoOOooO! also as you all probably know one direction is the same country as me so that means that NOW THEY ARE ONLY THREE HOURS BEHIND ME INSTEAD OF LIKE IDEK HOW MANY HOURS AHEAD THE UK IS FROM MY TIME ZONE. WOoOOOOO!!!!!!!!! except i'm crying inside because they aren't on the east coast. 

















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