Kisses In The Cornfield

Summer. Sundresses. Long hair. Tan skin. Oceans. Adventures. Loud music. Country. Kisses. In. The. Cornfield.


1. Chapter 1

Drew was hot on my heels, "Almost got you," I heard him call. I made two sharp turns to the right and lost him. I stood behind the stalks of corn, hearing his heaving breathing. "Damn," I heard him cuss. I giggled softly, making sure he didn't hear me. Turning and sprinting towards my house, I heard him yell after me.
As I reached my house, I lightly hit the wall. Leaning against it, I smirked at Drew as he ran up to me, sweaty and out of breath. "How?" He looked at me, confused. "That's a secret," I smirked and winked at him. He looked back at me, "Ya know what you need right now?" He asked me. My brows furrowed, "What..?" I asked cautiously. He walked closer to where I leaned against the house and whispered in my ear, "A hug."
He nodded, "Yep."
He tried to throw his arms around me, but I ducked and bolted for the barn. "Hey!" He yelled after me, chasing me again, I guessed.
Drew and I had been bestfriends since forever ago. Our parents used to trade hay, cattle, and other animals. His mom died a few years ago, so his dad hung around my parents a lot. We got really close, because of all the time we spent with each other, and people often mistook us as a couple. I just laughed and said, "No. Just bestfriends," and smiled warmly over at Drew. He smiled back and nodded, agreeing.
I ran into the barn and past the small chicken coop that we kept in there, because of foxes. The chickens clucked and bawked as I jumped over and around them. I turned back to watch Drew stumble and almost trip over my favorite chicken, Ohio. "That's why he's my favorite!" I called to Drew, smirking as I turned and ran again, out the back door of the barn. Looking back, I watched Drew burst out of the barn and sprint after me.
Laughing, I ran out to the river behind my barn. We have a rope swing by the river, you can swing off of it and into the river. It was more like a lake, but we call it a river, instead.
I ran to the rope swing, gripping it in my hands and waiting for Drew. "Damn, Miya!" He panted. "How about a refreshing dip in the river?" I offered him the rope. He looked at it, then back at me. "You first," he ordered. "No," I refused. "Why not?" He smirked at me. "Because I'm not tired or hot," I lied. "Fine," he grabbed the rope from me.
In a swift movement, he grabbed my hips and threw me into the river. Screaming, I plugged my nose. I hit the water with a loud, and large, SPLASH. I looked up at Drew, he was laughing hysterically at me, then he turned and ran back to my house. "Drew!" I yelled, "Goddammit, Drew! Get back here you son of a bitch!" I howled after him. I could still hear him laughing as I sat in the, now almost completely silent, river. A few birds chirped above my head, I sighed. Trudging through the cool, refreshing river, I made my way to shore.
As I walked back up to the house, it was obvious a large portion of my pride had been shattered. I plodded into the house, opening the screen door and letting it slam shut behind me. My parents and Drew we're in the kitchen, nonchalantly talking.
"Hey, look. A fish out of water," my dad smirked at me. I glared at him, then at Drew. "Oh, hush, old man." I growled, walking up the creaky stairs, to my room. I stripped out of my dripping, soaking clothes and into a pair of jeans short-shorts, a white tank-top, and a dark blue flannel shirt. My curly brown hair had pretty much dried, I put a cowboy hat on over my hair. Walking downstairs again, I saw that just Drew was there. "I'll get you back later," I vowed.
He just laughed, "Your parents are going up to the city for a week," he said. "They told me to keep an eye on you," his eyes sparkled with amusement as he continued, "Said to make sure you don't fall into anymore rivers." I rolled my eyes at him, "That wasn't my fault, boy. It was yours." I pointed at him, putting emphasis on 'yours.' He just chuckled.

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