She had one dream and it was finally coming true...but not how she planned it to be.


4. Truth Or Dare

Louis' P.O.V. "TRUTH OR DARE TIME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I needed to find out for sure who liked Emmy and who she liked back so i can keep them apart.

"Really Lou?" Emmy hated playing truth or dare because one time it got taken to far at a party. But im hear to protect her now.

"Yes! Everyone in a circle!"

"I start!" Harry shouted "Emmber-" of coarse i thought "Truth or Dare?" "uhm....Truth?"

"Are you single?" He said with a wink her way. I wanted to deck him in the face but i kept my cool.

"Yes, well kinda. I have-" "HAD" I interupted. "Em are you sure you wanna share this now?"

"Yeah Lou. its okay, if im gonna be living with them they might as well know." She answered and contiued. "I HAD a boyfriend who lived here but moved to australia. We would call, text, and Skype everyday. One day i completely forgot and when i remembered, he was furritated. He broke up with me and he flew down here. I didnt know it, so he came here and kidnapped me. He tried to r-r-rape me but before he could Louis found me. I tried to get away but he cut my arm." She lifted up her sleeve and by this time she was balling her eyes out. The lads and i were teary eyed.

"Im so sorry" Niall said in a whisper.

"Im sorry i asked" Harry said while hugging her.

"I think that games over with. How about a movie night?" i asked trying to cheer people up.



Im so happy i told them about the passed. Now i feel bad i made everyones night all sad. Well we can still have fun watching movies.

"The Notebook?" Harry suggests. i gave him the 'Are you serious' look.

"How about The Other Guys?" I threw out there. I wasnt a type of girl for 'chic flicks' the only reason we had that is for when Eleanor comes over.

"The Other Guys it is" Louis put it in, made some popcorn and sat down next to me on my left and Harry on my right. Zayn right next to Harry, Niall resting on my knees and Liam on Louis'. It was funny Harry tried to make a move like the yawn and put the arm around but Lou gave him that 'look' and i did to actually he blushed like a tomato.

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