She had one dream and it was finally coming true...but not how she planned it to be.


3. News

My mouth was wide open. Did i hear him right? The boys- i mean all 5- are gonna be living here? With me? The only girl? I mean its not that big of deal, ive never really been that type of girl to have a bunch of friends that were girls just mainly boys.

"Emmy! Hello Earth to Emmber!"  Lou says while waving his hand in front of my face.

"Huh? Oh yeah, thats great!"

"Remember what we talked about I don't-" I cut him off. Yeah if you havent noticed i dont like to listen to things i already know.

"Louis i know. As far as im concerned im living with 5 of my gay bestfriends."

"EXCEPT we are NOT gay" Niall butted in. We all bursted into laughter. Me the most.



I really liked Emmber. She was beautiful with her bright blue green eyes, wavy brown hair, and she was definately fit. Her personalty was to die for. I know Louis said hands off but i couldnt help. All the other girls i fell for have been taken by all the other lads and ive never gotten a change to tell the girls or the boys for that matter how i felt abou it. And when she said she thought of us as gay bestfriends i had to but in and say we werent. Luckly no one looked to far into it, they just laughed it off. Gosh Em has an amazing laugh.



I liked Emmber. I know your thinking "you always fall for the girls" or "duh you like her you are the flirt" yes thats true but this time seems different. There were 2 things that kept me from acting on it though

1. Boo Bear said she was off limits

2. Im pretty sure the other lads like her too



No. Danielle and i just broke up i cant. Besides Louis said no. Im pretty sure the boys like her as well. This could be interesting.



Shes off limits gotto get her off my mind and stay away as far as possible besides i have Perrie



I knew having all them meet was a bad idea. I could already tell they ALL like her including ZAYN AND LIAM. Zayn has Perrie so whats up with that. And Liam just got his heart broken.! I'll just have to try my best not seem like i care. It just got silent. Are we all thinking about the same thing?



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