She had one dream and it was finally coming true...but not how she planned it to be.


2. Meeting The Boys

I decided since it is my first time meeting the lads of One Direction that i should wear minimal make-up, some white skinny jeans, a floral puffy top, and some tan sperrys. I left my brown hair at its natural wave and put on a beanie to hide the fly aways at the top. I wasnt much of a girly girl but come on its 4 attractive guys i havent met yet.

"EMMY! THE BOYS ARE HERE!!" I hear Lou shout from the bottom of the stairs. Before you say anything yes we live together and no its not wierd. I start running down the stairs and of course with my luck i fell down them. Before i knew it, i was cought by a pair of strong arms.

"Hi, I'm Harry" I knew who he was just by the curly hair but, i wasnt going to say anything. Before i could introduce myself Louis screams

"Hazza we've talked about this. Hands. Off. The. Girl."

"Lou calm down he saved me from a broken ankle" I turn towards Harry.

"Thanks and I'm Emmber by the way." We stare into each others eyes till someone clears their throat. It was Louis.

"Hi, I'm Niall" he said with a strong irish accent.

"I'm Zayn."

"And I'm Liam."

After the introductions we bonded like we knew each other for years. Then at the end of the night Lou drops the best news on me.

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