She had one dream and it was finally coming true...but not how she planned it to be.


5. Fun


So i tried that 'yawn and wrap your arm around the girl' move but Louis AND Emmber caught me. It was so embarrassing, I probably looked like a tomato. After watching 'The Other Guys', everyone got up to wee and get a drink or food or whatever. I decided i needed to know who liked Emmber so i know my competition. I saw Niall in the kitchen so i went up to him first.

"Hey Ni, can i ask you something?" I said trying not to seem indifferent.

"Yeah, anything Haz. Whats up?" He looked kind of nervous. Wonder whats going up in that blonde head of his.

"Its about Emmber." His face immediately dropped as if he felt guilty. "Do you fancy her?"            "No well kinda i dont know. You know we just met her." "Yeah i do know." i muttered under i breath. 1 down 2 to go. Wait! Why would Zayn like Emmber? He's dating Perrie and they seem great so i guess just Liam, even if his heart is broken. I searched around the house to find Liam but instead I run into Louis. Great.

"Bro. You know what i said about keeping hands off of her i meant. Shes like a sister to mean so please leave her be." 

"Lou, I get where your coming from but if me, not saying i do, or one of the other boys fancy her why keep her away if she feels the same?"

"Because you or anyone else for that matter know her like i do. No one knows what shes been through or how she feels better than i do. I know whats best for her even if no agrees with me."   I opened my mouth to speak but then we heard the bathroom door open and it to my surprise was Emmber herself.



I was in the washroom and right as i was about to open the door i could Lou and Harry talking, normally wouldnt matter to me until i heard Lou say,

"Because you or anyone else for that matter know her like i do. No one knows what shes been through or how she feels better than i do. I know whats best for her even if no agrees with me."                                                                                              I agree that Louis does know me better anyone else but he cant tell me who i can and cant like. I understand that he cares and just wants to protect me so nothing happens but there is such thing as over protective. I decide to walk out but there is dead silence from both of the boys. I walk into the kitchen because well I like a fat person who comes home from fat camp. I run into Niall eating a sandwich and a mouth full of food he manages to say "Hi" I giggle and just got to the fridge for leftover chili Lou and i had last night. I put it in the microwave and right as i turn around i ram in Niall he drops his sandwich i fall straight on my bum and Niall landed on top of me. Talk about awkward. Instead of the cliche "We both lean in and the kiss was magical" crap i took his sandwich and took a bite, and ran. He chased me around the couches and tables until I run into Liam whos trying to make us stop. 

"Ow! Shit sorry Liam didnt see you there."

"Thats strike one young lady." Liam tries to say seriously but fails.

"Guess they dont call you Daddy Direction for nothing." I say runnig off still holding Nialls sandwich. By this time is was a game. Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and I are practically making Niall beg for it back. When it came back to me i felt bad and gave it back to him with a kiss on the cheek as a apology. His face went as red as Harrys. After the game of 'Keep Away' we all settled down, I had my head on Louis' lap My feet on Niall and i have no idea where the rest went but lets just say they are my bitches.                                                                               "Hey Lou! You awake?!"                                                                                             "Yeah. Why?" He replies. I gave him that face that meant 'ready' and he knew. When we were kids we would pull pranks on all of our cousins who slept early. We decided it was time to show the boys what 2 'Tommo's' can do. We put make up on all the guys, painted their nails and did their hair. It was so funny. We took pictures, put them on instagram and twitter. They are gonna hate us for it but hey its worth it.


A/N                                                                                                                             Hey guys so i wanted to know how you guys have been liking the story and i want your input on how the story should go. Like what should happen next and who emmber should end up with.                                                                                                     Tweet me at       @cutieie9896               Email:                                      Follow my instagram            @1dfans_and_directioners







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