She had one dream and it was finally coming true...but not how she planned it to be.


1. Family

      Hi i'm Emmber Lyn Tomlinson. Yes, Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Calm your tits he's just my cousin. A very close cousin. My best friend since birth. No literally we were born on the same day.

      We have always talked about anything and everything with each other. But he's been acting weird lately. Weirder than usual I should say.

       "Emmy can we talk for a bit" Louis said with a worried face. He's called me Emmy since we started talking because he couldn't say Emmber. It's cute actually.

       "Yeah sure Lou what's up?" I tried to say with concern. I'm not the good in serious situations.

       "I want you to meet my band mates but,-" I cut him off.

       "FINALLY LOU! IVE BEEN WANTING TO MEET THEM SINCE X-FACTOR!" I practically screamed loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, but I didnt care. Louis has kept me from them for 2 years now. He says he's afraid i'll fall for one of the lads and get my heart broken. I try to tell him that i'm 21 now i can handle it but, he's known my past. I mean they are pretty attractive fellas but, i wouldnt go after them without Lou's concent, which knowing him i wont get.

        "EMMBER CALM DOWN!! You didn't let me finish. I want you to mee them but, you have to promise me one thing." Lou tried to sound serious but, ended up chuckling at the end.

         "What is it"

         "You can't fall for them. I love you and i know them too well to know that they will fall for you if you give them the chance. I've already gave them the 'Big Brother' speach even though im your cousin."

         "I promise! THANMK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH LOU" I shouted even louder.

Now that im about to meet the most sexiest guys ever, i think its time to girl up and try not to get to girly. My dreams as sad as it is are about to come true.




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