Let Me Drown In You

Camilla Luna goes to the beach for the summer with her friends and meets someone who'll make her face her fears and realize that you can conquer your fears and just take risks in life, especially at the ocean.


1. summer

Summer, so hot, blazing, heat wave, like fire. Summer that's when all the boys and girls wear less clothing, summer is the most beautiful season of the year. Just like the typical summer, I prefer to hang out with my friends,  I don't go on vacations with my family and they say that just because you're blood, it doesn't make you family. so to be honest  my friends are my family. "Camilla come on, we're going out for a swim, are you coming?" Mia informs me as they were getting ready to swim into the ocean. I told her "No you go on ahead, I'll catch up". This was a lie, my friends should know that I don't swim, might as well tell them the reason why I don't swim but I can't cause deep down it's my secret. So I sat down looking at the deep blue ocean, that's  when I looked into the distance I  saw something come out of the water at the corner of my eye; it came closer and closer to my sight. That's when I realized it was a figure, not just any ordinary figure but a man, the type you see in movies. He came closer, my heart slowly started beating, he still came closer; his arms were spread apart, water dripping from his body, his hand caresses his wet silk raven hair. I gasped with such an obvious breath. He looked at me and saw my reaction, I blushed and a smirk came across his face. I then turned away, irritated by the fact that he knew that I was watching him. A realization came upon me that a girl like me can't fall in love with a guy like him because in the end people that you love will tear you apart and all that is left of you is a broken shell. With a deep breath that I took, I turned around and he disappeared out of thin air. My mind wondered where he went. I thought that maybe he had just left and I went back to meet my friends to go back to the hotel, alone in my room with nothing but tormenting and dark thoughts of the boy I'll never know.


The next morning I decided to go back to the beach again, despite the protestations of my friends. As I am walking towards the beach, there's all these thoughts in my mind, a constant conflicts battles out in my mind, no I'm not going there  because of him, hell I'll be  damned to go back there  to go find him, man he's too much for my own mind, I mean I've been there many times before so why was this time different? Was it perhaps because of ... Oh no you are not going there, do go down that road, you survived without anyone being there for you so don't bother thinking about a future that will never ever happen  and don't you forget it. Suddenly, before I knew it, I was in the ocean, all the memories that I tried to suppress are now coming back to haunt me, the water suffocating me, which I always  saw in my dreams but only this time, it's reality. Filled with shock, then anger and irritation, I wanted to  fight for my life but instead surrendered to my dark void abyss and just saying goodbye to all the dreams that I've dreamed about and to the boy who's tormenting me at this very moment. Slowly drowning and falling to pieces.

My name is Camilla Luna and this is the story of how I met Zayn Malik

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