My Little surprise

Merp a boy about the age of 12, was in a deep sleep on his bed.Suddenly a bright light appeared and was followed by a rainbow portal,he woke up startled.What was through that portal and why did it to him?


2. Twilght's spell

            As I stepped out of the portal I scanned the place.I'm guessing the place I'm in is a library. "Ummm.. hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle."The sudden voice surprised me,I looked around me"Down here."I looked down...and saw a purple horse with a horn on top of it's head.Wow... i must be seeing things or I'm drunk."Are you a talking horse or something else that comes to people's mind when drunk?"I asked to tell you the truth I felt a bit silly talking to a horse with a horn on top of its head.
            "I'm a unicorn not a horse mind you,and no last i check i don't know a magic spell to go into ponies mind.i'm also real not a dream."With that statement Twilight pinched me."Oww! Waht was that for?!"

               "If you feel pain then it's real."she answered with a smile."Gee....thanks-"Your welcome!"she said happily ."As i was sayyying you said your a unicorn right,then will you please send me back to my regular world where there's humans?"As soon as I said that twilight smile was replaced by a frown"I will try but it'll take a hundred years redo the portal spell..."

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