My Little surprise

Merp a boy about the age of 12, was in a deep sleep on his bed.Suddenly a bright light appeared and was followed by a rainbow portal,he woke up startled.What was through that portal and why did it to him?


1. through the portal

 I woke up startled from the shining rainbow portal. I was a still very sleepy,but I'm pretty sure portals don't appear when your sleeping at like FOUR A.M. This was probably a prank,but then again it seemed so if i can really touch it. Hmmm... I'll investigate it after I get dressed. After I finish dressing, I touch the rainbow portal.I was expecting it to be solid but my hand slipped through it instantly i almost fell into the portal, but I was able to regain my balance.With my hand still in there I realized the portal was rapidly closing up.I knew i could have just pulled my hand through and i can just go back to sleep on my comfy,warm,and cozy bed. But i was to curious,and to stupid to do that so i slipped my whole body through.

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