My Little surprise

Merp a boy about the age of 12, was in a deep sleep on his bed.Suddenly a bright light appeared and was followed by a rainbow portal,he woke up startled.What was through that portal and why did it to him?


5. Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo?

                "Ouch! Hey watch where your heading!"I said. The pony stood up,it's left eye staring at me and it's right eye wandering around"My name is Derpy Hooves, and I'm off to answer mails with my dddoooccttoorr!" I wondered if this pony was even alive or dead.Oh well ponies will be ponies. "Ummm....okay Derpy Hooves-"What? I'm not Derpy Hooves! My name is Ditzy Doo!"The gray pony with wings replied."Oooookaaayy Ditzy have a nice day and-"Ditzy??!!Didn't I tell you my name was Derpy hooves?!?The nerve of some ponies!"With that Derpy or Ditzy flew off with her mails.

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