My Little surprise

Merp a boy about the age of 12, was in a deep sleep on his bed.Suddenly a bright light appeared and was followed by a rainbow portal,he woke up startled.What was through that portal and why did it to him?


3. A way out

  "WHAT?!?!?!?!??!!?SO IM STUCK HERE FOR A HUNDRED YEARS???!!!!!!!"No this is impossible what about my life,I mean like I didn't even have a girlfriend yet NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"Well...if rainbow dash's sonic rainboom could only react to my power like it did when I was a filly...I maybe able to get you back home..."And Twilight went on,and on about sonic rainboom thingy."Wait so why'd you brought me here in the first place?"I asked.
    "Well I wanted to do studying about humans so I can learn things about them like their habit,culture,life-"Yeah,yeah I got it.Now is there a place to sleep? So like I can wake up from this place where horses talk?"I interrupted"We're PONIES ,and there's a bed downstairs."Twilight said while clutching her teeth."okay,okay chill."I'm pretty sure she was as mad as mad can be so i didn't bother her anymore and went downstairs to sleep.

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