Never did I think that I, Sandra Parker would even have a chance in the war. Neither did I think I could fake my way in either.


3. Captain Sandra

Once the house was totally quiet, I made my approach. 

I silently tip-toed into John's room. There it was, lying there so still, so crisp. I listened intently to John's breathing. Slowly, I picked up his uniform. A faint smile crept onto my face. Careful not to wake Sleeping Beauty, I crept out of his room. 

What I was doing was so wrong, so awful, I just loved it. 

I slipped off my silky nightgown, and replaced it for John's army uniform. I slowly rose the hat to my head and smiled. I looked wonderful. 

I placed the nightgown folded up all neat and pretty onto his chair, replacing his uniform. 

I slowly tip-toed out the door and into the night, no money, no food, no nothing, just a stolen army uniform.


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