Be Mine?

A Valentines Day book about 1D <3


2. Niall

You sat on the porch and read a book. The sun was shining and the sky was a perfect blue.

Your phone began to ring. 

"Hello?" You answered

"Baby!? Y/N?" Niall said frantically.

"Niall! What's wrong!?" You said nervously.

"Come to the park! Hurry!" He said before hanging up.

You ran upstairs to your bedroom and put on shorts and a tank top, considering the weather was warm.

You slipped on some sandals and ran into your car.

You pulled into the parking lot and slammed the door shut.

You looked for Niall and you saw a group of familiar people. 

"Niall!?" You yelled.

You walked to the group and you saw Niall.

Standing with a huge sign

that said 

'Will you be Mrs.Horan?"

You smiled and ran to him. 

He held you and you continually nodded.

You looked at his pink lips and kissed him.


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