Be Mine?

A Valentines Day book about 1D <3


1. Harry

You and Harry sat on the couch together. His arm was tightly wrapped around you.

"Let's watch the news and see the weather." Harry said. He grabbed the remote and flipped through channels. 

"Okay." You said. This was odd, seeing as how Harry usually had no interest in the weather what-so-ever.

You watched the screen as it said the weather. 

Then, the screen turned pink. 

and the newsman said; "This if from Harry to Y/N!" 

You gasped at the heart on the screen faded into perfect cursive letters.

It read;

Will you marry me?

You looked at Harry and nodded! You jumped into his arms for a hug.

His hot breath made a warm spot on your neck. 

"I love you babe." Harry said.

"I love you too." You smiled.

and you leaned in for a kiss.

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