i never thought i would

jasmine is the quiet girl in class that keeps to herself all the time shes good and never in trouble ;]


1. in school

jasmine's POV:

idont really like school but im good and quiet though....i always endup getting distracted by those guys niall,zayn,louis,and harry.. although liam wasent all that bad but he was still a distaction.i was taking a test and it was time for lunch... "alright class put your tests in your desks and line up" mr.brunner said so we did and they all ran to the door exept me i walked  when we got our lunch i sat down by my self and got on my phone as usauall and niall sat next to me"ELLO LOVE!' he said cheerfully i rolled my eyes and tured the other way hen harry sat next to me i sighed as all th other boys sat around me "what do you want?" i said all soft sounding a little scared "dont sound scared love" niall said putting his arm round me iknew id just get knocked up and left behind like all the other gils he has dated i gave him a back off look but then he kissed me on thecheek i froze in shock myeyes lit up in joy and my cheeks turend red and i tried to hide it by putting my head down "you okay?" liam said i just noded my head "why are u so quiet?!" niall said ididnt want to give him a aswer so i hoped the bell rang the it did BRINGGGGG!! i huried up and left and scuried to class,hoping they wouldent catch up with me "JASMINE WAIT UP"i herd niall call .... SHIT! tried to walk faster but he caught up with me i waved.. and i felt someone smack my ass i looked back and it was louis "CUT IT OUT" i yelled "whats wrong baby cant handle it?" zayn said giving me another smack on the ass "guys STOP" harry said "thanks" i said felling relived "AND GIVE ME SOME OF THAT ASS" harry said squezing my ass "dayum gotta nice ass baby" niall said holding my ass i felt violated to i ran to class mr.brunner said to emidiately starton our test as soon s we got in so i did

*15min later*

i raised my hand "yes ms.tucios?" mr .brunner said "may i please go to the restroom?" i asked "yes you may but you have to use the one in d-hall" i noddedd my head and walked out d-hall was far from my science class but i had to go so i did onmy way there i herd some onebehind me i looked it was no one "just your imagination" i said tomyslef then a guy pushed me up aginst the wall and held my arms up with one hand "sup baby" his hot breath in my face my heart raced then he squeased my tits "STOP" i screamed he slaped my hard WACK! "SHUT THE FUCKUP BITCH " then hekissed me i tried o stuggle away then he suddently stoped and fell tothe ground i slid my back onthe wall and fell tothe ground to i was scared out of my mind!! then i looked up and i saw niall his face was red his fists clenched and he breathed i and out suped hard he had punched him in the face! i looked down at the guy hewasholding hisface and he was wimpering niall kicked himthen he yelled holding his leg hewas about tokickhim agian but i said "stop!" he looked over at me his face slowly turend back to his normal colour he held hishandout and he helped me up "you okay"he said still looked like he wanted to choke the hell out of him "you nearlykilled him!" i said "but he hurt you and violated you " he said calming down a little "thank you"


i was so fucked off at that guy toching jasmine i was observing her face for cuts then we caught eye to eye she was so beautiful i couldent help myyself so i kissed her it was passinote kiss her eyes tightiend and she backed away "whats wrong?" i said "she pointed to her face i kissed her cheek and i walked her to the nurse when i got back to class r.brunner asked me why i was out so long " i saw jasmine trip in the hallway and i walked her to the nurse" i said throught the entire test i thought about the kiss over and over in my head itwas li-- the bell rang so i was the first one out and i huried to the nurces office and  she was sitting onea bed with an icepack up to her cheek "is she gonna be okay?" iaskedthe nurse "yes shes just fine" i smiled in relif "actually she can leave now" she got up and walkedover to me "thank you agian" se said with a faintly smile i nodded and walked her to her car "bye now" she said waving i smiled and watchd her pull off then i went home i couldent stop thinking about her so i got some doritos and called her "hello?" she said "hi;]" i said"whos this?" she sounded scared "its just me niall " i stated "oh howd you get mynumber??" "oh never mind that, are you okay?"i asked "yeah im just fi---" he stoped ctalkeing and i her her scream.. "AHHHH!"then a slap and a door slam "i got scared "HELLO JASMINE?!? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?" she didnt respawn i just herd her "scream stop get away!" so i stormed out my room and headed for her house harry saw me and iran out the door but he hoped inthe car with me "whatswrong mate?" he said with a concerend look "no its jas. i think shes in trouble.." i said "jas?" he said  as i peeled off "how do you no?!" i could tell he demanded a answer  "i was calling her to see if she was alright,.. you no be causethat guy hit her" he nodded and i continued "well i herad screaming so i think shes in trouble" "SLOW DOWN" he yealled as i took a sharp turn in to her subdivision her houde was the first house on the left so i got out and closed the door quietly and harry did the same . her door was open we crept up stairs and we heard her moaning and screaming me and harry stood next to the door"1..2..3.." i wisperd and we busted in harry pushed him off her and she coverd up under the covers  harry was kicking the shit out of him then went over there and punched him in the face harry held him by his arms behind his back and i punched him in the stomch repeatedly and i pused him   aginst the wall choking him andkneeing himin the loids he was cring  but i didnt care "YOU THINK ITS FUN TO RAPE A GIRL ?!" i said i got angrier and my hand tightend around his neck and his face trend blue "niall stop" harry said i let go  adn he fell to the ground i went to go see if jasmines okay "youokay love?" i said to jasmine "she shook her her looking scared as hell i sat next to her and put my arm around her to comfort her "its okay" and harry called the police to get that DUMB FUCKER  out i wantedto kill him for touching my gir--i mean jasmine welli might like her a bit OH WHO AMI KIDDINGI LOVE HER!!! shesso beautiful and sweet id do any thing for her!! even kill witch i almost did she cried  in my shoulder  she waslikea litte prechios baby iwanted to hold her tiny body forever!! "i-i dont feel safe alone any more." she said to me "well uhm... you can stay with me if.. you want to.." she looked up at me and her gray eyes looked into mine "will it be okay with your mom?" she said "oh i live alone with harry zayn lou and liam" she nodded and me and harry helped her pack " 

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