If y'all like Host by Stephanie Meyer you might like this story.

Daire is the daughter of Wanda and Ian, (y'all who read host will know who they are) she grew up in the caves with her parents and the rest of those whom resisted against the souls. When Daire is captured by the Souls they don't put a soul in her like she expects, they learned from what happened with her mother. The souls expect Daire to lead them to her family and friends in the cave.The soul assigned to her; Maximum Firelight, expected her resistance, he never expected the emotions that she would inspire.


1. Raids

Our minds are precious, until they are no longer our own. They came before I was born, the souls. They took over our minds to inhabit our bodies, my mother is a soul. She was originally put into my aunt Melanie, my mother didn't want to be a parasite so she returned Melanie's body. My father wouldn't give her up, so he found her new body. I was born three years later, my pa didn't let me leave the caves until I turned fourteen. I always loved that about my parents, they were really over protective. In the world we lived in, you couldn't take chances, because when you did you lost everything. I helped out a lot in the fields, when I turned sixteen I managed to convince my mamma to let me go on some raids, she demanded uncle Kyle always went on the ones I did. My sister Mara preferred to stay home.  It as because of one of these raids, that I met my downfall. The memory is burned into the back of my mind, it's one that will never leave me. It's a memory, of my resistance.

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