If y'all like Host by Stephanie Meyer you might like this story.

Daire is the daughter of Wanda and Ian, (y'all who read host will know who they are) she grew up in the caves with her parents and the rest of those whom resisted against the souls. When Daire is captured by the Souls they don't put a soul in her like she expects, they learned from what happened with her mother. The souls expect Daire to lead them to her family and friends in the cave.The soul assigned to her; Maximum Firelight, expected her resistance, he never expected the emotions that she would inspire.


2. Just... jump

They surrounded us, there was no escape, no where to run. My uncle Kyle was standing in front of me protectively, my older brother Rick was at my back, pointing a gun at whatever moved. 

"I'm so sorry Daire. If you find a chance to escape, you take it. Don't worry about me and Kyle, just run." He whispered, all I could do was grip his hand. It wasn't his fault, no one could've known the souls would find us. It was our first raid since Rick and my sister in law had had their baby. Jonathan. We had assumed everything was clear, the souls hadn't shown themselves around the town we were in for a year or so. If this was the end, I wasn't going down without a fight. Let them try to take me, I would give them one hell of a struggle. 

"There is no need for this, come with us." One of the souls said, a man. He was speaking directly to me and I knew why. Rick and Kyle weren't that valuable, they would put up too much resistance, it was easy to tell since they stood around me protectively  It was more likely that they would e shot on sight.

"And let you erase my mind? The hell I will." I spat out at him. Then I noticed it, there was a small gap between the soul whom had spoken t me and another one next to him, that one also a male. If I managed to separate them any more I could slip through, then maybe I would create enough of a distraction for my uncle and brother to fight them off. I took one deep breath, and then I acted. I slipped out from between Kyle and Rick and kicked out at the soul whom hadn't spoken to me. He fell backwards and the other one stepped back, that was it, it was all I needed. I pushed myself onto the ground and slid through the gap, staying low so that it was almost impossible to catch me. I pushed myself up off of the ground and allowed myself to turn back for one second, the soul I hadn't knocked over was coming towards me, my brother and uncle had beaten off the rest and run towards where we left the Jeep. Without another thought I turned and fled, Kyle and Rick would find me, I just had to keep running. The dusty terrain easily showed my footprints, the soul following me was only a little behind. I sped up, my lungs felt like they were going to burst but I could't stop. Soon I came to the edge of a cliff, it wasn't that hight but it was high enough to near kill you if you jumped. I skidded to a stop, my breath coming out as a gasp. There was no where to run, but there was an escape.

"Don't do it little girl, there is a better way." The soul said, his voice was gentle, persuasive. I turned around slowly, the edge of the cliff crumbled a bit. I hardly paid attention, my concentration was all on the soul before me. He was wrong, there was no better way out of this.

"Like let you take me? Let you erase my mind as though I had never existed? Like let you use me to get to my friends and family? No, there is no better way." I said as I backed up slowly. The soul stood still, he didn't make a move towards me. For a moment he just watched me, like there was something strange about me, like he had never seen one of my kind before. Why was I calling it and he. It wasn't human, it wasn't anything but a parasite. Taking a deep breath, I spread my arms out like they were wings, and just... jumped.

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