Between lovers

Michelle is a transfer student in London. One day she meets Harry Styles from One Direction in a Starbucks and from that moment on her life were never the same.


3. The VIPs


Kat and I were surrounded by girls of all ages, each of them screaming for their favorite member of the band. “Have you seen that line? We’re going to stand in it for hours…” Kat complained. She was right, I had never in my life seen so many girls surrounded at the same place at the same time.”What does it say on the ticket?” she then asked. I took the golden tickets up, noticing how the girls around me started to whisper. “G12?” I said. Kathrine led the way toward an entrance with no girls in line. “Excuse me Sir, we have this ticket, is this the right entrance?” Kat said in her most pleasant voice. “You’re some lucky girls. This way ladies” he led us all the way in. We passed several security guards on our way in to a special area marked “VIP”. “Did you see that Mimi? We are VIPs! This is how your life is gonna be if you’re going to date Harry Styles!”

Almost two hours later the show was over, and one of the security guards had picked Kat and I up and shown us the way backstage. It was white room with tables and chairs. On one of the tables fruit, candy and soda was lined up. “I have to get some autographs for my sister” I said walking towards one of the members. He was beautiful, and had blonde hair and blue eyes. “What’s the name?” He said as I walked up to him with an autograph card. “To Emily” I said. “That’s a pretty name ye have, Emily” He said in an irish accent. “Oh, ehm no. Emily is my sister, I promised her to get an autograph” He smiled and handed out his hand “Let’s start over. I’m Niall”. I took his hand, it was warm and soft. “I’m Michelle” I said. “Oh, Michelle? Harry! Over here” He yelled. My heart started to beat heavily. Had Harry mentioned that I was going to come here? “Hey love” he said kissing my cheek. “Hey” I said back. “I’m glad you could make it on such short notice. You liked the show?” He said. I looked around trying to find Kathrine, but I couldn’t see her anywhere. “Yeah, it was amazing. You guys were amazing” I said blushing. Niall excused us and suddenly we were alone in the corner. “Look, I want to ask you out. So, do you want to have dinner with me, tomorrow perhaps? I’m leaving for Japan in five days so I don’t have a lot of time.” Harry said looking me straight into the eyes. There was something so irresistible about him. “Sure, tomorrow.” I said. “I’ll pick you up at your place around seven?” I nodded without saying anything. Suddenly some girls came over asking for pictures and autographs. I spotted Kat talking to two of the other boys, I envied her for not being nervous at all. She seemed like she had known all of them for years. “So, you’re Michelle.” A soft voice said, I recognized the voice from earlier. It was Niall. “Ha ha yeah, guess I am” I answered, feeling my cheeks turning instantly red. “Mimi, I got all the autographs for your sister. Should we go now?” Kat suddenly interrupted. I didn’t feel like going, I wanted to stay and talk to Niall, but I knew Kat wouldn’t take no for an answer.


I looked at the clock. Six thirty already. “Shit” I said, loudly. Harry was going to pick me up in only thirty minutes and I still hadn’t got dressed. I picked out some heels and a black dress to go with it. I had no idea what dress code Harry had in mind, but figured this was appropriate.  I had straighten my long brown hair and found myself looking pretty good. He picked me up in a black range rover. Luckily my dressed matched his outfit perfectly. He had a black blazer with jeans on. As we arrived to the restaurant hundreds of people with cameras was surrounded outside. “How did they know…” Harry said to himself. He went out of the car and opened my door. “Don’t be scared, just go straight into the restaurant” He whispered in my ear. It was overwhelming, the light from the cameras went straight into my eyes. “Harry, is this your girlfriend?” people everywhere yelled. As soon as we got inside the restaurant Harry looked at me and said “I’m so sorry, I have no idea how they could know we would be here. Are you okay?”, “It’s a bit scary to be honest. Is this what you go through every single day?” I asked. He looked down at the ground. “Yeah, but you’ll get used to it after a while, but you handled it like a pro” He laughed. “You look beautiful tonight, Michelle” he said and kissed my cheek. 

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