Between lovers

Michelle is a transfer student in London. One day she meets Harry Styles from One Direction in a Starbucks and from that moment on her life were never the same.


2. The next move


”He just got up and… left?” Kathrine said. I nodded and said “But it doesn’t matter, he’s in a world known boyband, obviously he can get with whoever he wants. I was just there when he needed it”. We had been sitting in my couch for two hours talking about last night’s incidents. Kat told me I had gotten to drunk and Harry suggested that he would follow me home. “What a gentleman” I thought to myself, ironical of course. 

The days went by as I continued my boring everyday life, I had of course googled everything there was to know about Harry Styles and his fellow boybanmembers. “Womanizer? HA!” I said to myself as I read an article about Harry telling the world that he really wasn’t the womanizer he was put out to be. The doorbell rang. It was a special delivery to Ms. Blunt the man at the door had said when I opened it. It was a small white convolute with the writing To Michelle Blunt, I was surprised. I had never received anything beside bills and my mom’s way-to-long letters. Inside the convolute I found two golden tickets, two golden tickets to go see One Direction at the O2 arena in London this Sunday. I didn’t know what to do, was it a joke? Did Harry send them? And what exactly was a golden ticket? I called my little sister Emily knowing she could definitely tell me everything I would need to know about this ticket. I looked over at the clock, it would be very late in LA at this time, and as I heard the phone dial up her number I prayed that she hadn’t gone to bed. “Hello?” her soft voice said, she sounded so grownup. It was hard to believe that my baby sister was already 16 years old. “Emmy, its Mimi. I need to ask you about something”, “Yeah okay, how is London?” she said. “It’s great, we’ll talk about that later. You like One Direction, right?” I could hear the fangirl in her desperately trying to get out. “Doh, I LOVE them! My favorite is Zayn, he is sooo hot but I also like Louis, he is really funny. Niall he is sooo cute. And Harry, Harry is so sexy. Liam is the grownup, he seems so sweet” I had to interrupt her otherwise I knew this could go on for quite some time. “Yeah yeah, that’s all really sweet. But the question I need you to answer is: What is a golden ticket? It says ‘Take me to One Direction” she started screaming “ARHHHHHHH do you have one? Can I get it? Please please please, Mimi I’ll do anything for you”, “What is it?” I asked again. “It is a ticket for one of their concerts where you’ll get to meet them, like you get to actually talk to them. You get to hug them, get a Horan-hug! How did you get one? Do you even like One Direction? I bet you don’t know any of their songs!” I could tell she was very eager to talk about them. “It is a funny story, I kinda met Harry Styles the other day and today I got a convolute with two golden tickets in it”, “Oh my god, YOU met Harry Styles? Can I please come”, “Look, the concert is tomorrow and you’re not gonna make it out here so fast, but I’m gonna go now. Thank you Emmy, and by the way I do know one of their songs the one where they sing “you don’t know you’re beautiful” and tomorrow at their concert I’m probably gonna hear a lot of their other songs” I thought it would be best to end the conversation before she would ask anymore question, which I didn’t feel like sharing with her. “It is so not fair. Please get me an autograph at least”. I hung up and as I put my phone down on the table my eye caught on to one of our family photos. We were quite a big family, and they all seemed so far away right now. My mom divorced my dad when I was just two years old and already a year later she married a new man. My dad later remarried a young Italian model named Angela, and she had recently given birth to a baby girl named Elvira. We were five kids in the photo, only my older sister Christina and I had the same set of parents. Emily and my two younger brothers Lucas and Joshua all had my mom and stepdad as their parents. Christina and I were the closes, she was 23 making her two years older than me. Christina was my exact opposite though we looked a lot like each other. She was always fashionable from head to toe which made her fit perfectly into New York City where she had transferred.


I took my phone up again and texted Kat: “Feel like going to a One Direction concert with me? Tomorrow at seven – got tickets, perhaps from Harry.” Not even a minute went by before she texted me back “I’ll be there. From Harry? Sounds exciting. Should we meet up and actually listen to some of their songs?”. An hour and a half later we were sitting in by couch listening to the sound of “Nobody compares”, and every time I heard the voice of Harry, I got a little more excited for tomorrows concert. 

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