Between lovers

Michelle is a transfer student in London. One day she meets Harry Styles from One Direction in a Starbucks and from that moment on her life were never the same.


1. The meeting


Love, they said, was complicated. Why, I had never understood… Not Before now.

I met him on a Friday. It was a rainy day in January, and the sun hadn’t been out for days. I was going to get my usually morning coffee. When I arrived at the local Starbucks I noticed a lot of people with cameras surrounded outside, I stepped in not knowing what or rather who I was going to meet inside. At first I didn’t noticed him, and as I asked for a cup of normal coffee with sugar and shimmed milk I saw him. He had the face of an angel, green eyes, dimples and brown curly hair. He was wearing a green beanie which complemented his eyes, a black jacket and blue jeans. “Mr. Styles” a girl said as she handed him a mug of coffee, to go. He looked up at me and smiled as he said “Addicted!” and pointed towards the mug. “Yeah” I mumbled, star-struck by Harry Styles, the Harry Styles.  As I walked down the street, I came to realized what had just happened and felt the sudden need to call someone. “Kathrine, you are not gonna believe what just happened to me!”, “What?” a sleepy voice said in the phone. “I just met freaking Harry Styles, you know, One Direction”, “What?” she repeated. Kathrine and I had only known each other for a few months. I was a transfer student and Kathrine was about the only person in London I knew. She had blonde hair and brown eyes, and she was one of the funniest people I had ever met.

Fifteen minutes later I arrived in my flat. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had just wasted the moment, how I had just been standing there with my mouth half open starring at him, and how I would never get an opportunity like that again. I felt even more stupid as I looked into the mirror. My hair was in a ponytail and my make-up nowhere to be seen. “The one time I meet a celebrity, and I look like this… Really Michelle? Really?” I took my ponytail out and let my long brown hair fall down on my back. I packed my back and got ready for class. By the time school was over I had happily forgot about my fail meeting with Harry Styles that morning, and all I could think about now was the party tonight. Each semester the University held a big party and tonight was the night.

I looked in the closet, and though it was filled with clothes I had absolutely nothing to wear. Kathrine came over around eight, she looked perfect as she always did. She was lying on my bed, carefully watching my every move. “What about those jeans, that top and these pumps?” she asked, pointing at my favorite black stilettos, my favorite white shirt and some blue jeans.  “How do you do that? You’ve been here for ten minutes and already you’ve figured out what I’ve been spending an hour trying to figure out?” I asked her, followed by a big laugh. Half an hour later we were dressed to impress, and ready for a fun night out.

The crowd was enormous, the music high and my mood at its best. “Let’s get something to drink” Kathrine shouted through the music. “Sure” I answered and followed her to the bar. “We are never gonna get something to drink with all these people, I can’t even see the bartenders” I said while scouting for one. “Stay here, I’ll be back with drinks in two” Kathrine said. I watched her make her move through the crowd, and just two minutes later she was back with drinks for both of us. As the night went on, I danced and laughed. At around two I came to terms with the fact that I was drunk, and that I should probably get going before anyone else noticed just how drunk I actually were. “I’m gonna go home Kat” I said in my drunken voice. “No love, we’re just getting started. We’re going back to James’ flat”, I didn’t even noticed that there were no James in any of our classes before we were sitting in a small flat somewhere in London.  We were about ten people, all equally drunk. “Two of my friends are gonna come” I heard one of the guys say. I only knew Kathrine out of these people, and she was busy getting to know the inside of some guy’s mouth. But then, in a small flat in downtown London, I saw him again. Harry Styles walked into the flat, hugging some of the guys which he obviously knew well. “Ohhh Hazza” one of the guys shouted jumping into the arms of Harry. As he made his way into the living room he looked at me “I’ve met you before, right?” he asked. I froze, which answer was the correct? Should I play it cool and act like I did not know who he was, or should I simply be honest and say yes? “Yeah, this morning. Starbucks” I answered calm, cool and collected, trying to act sober. He nodded “Yeah, I’m Harry” he handed me his hand to shake. “Michelle” I said shaking his hand. His hand was cold and big, it fitted my small hand well. “Want a pin Haz?” someone asked and then he was gone again. I felt too drunk and decided to go out into the kitchen where no one would question my sudden need for water. I took a sip of my water when a voice said “Trying to sober up?” I turned around, surprisingly finding Harry with a beer in his hand. The next thing I remember was me, waking up next morning.

I looked up confused, still wearing last night’s clothes and my hair a big mess. The smell of tequila and beer filled the room. As I looked to my right I saw Harry. My heart stopped for a few seconds, why was Harry Styles in my bed? And how could I keep him there? I remembered absolutely nothing from last night, but seeing as both Harry and I were still in our clothes I figured nothing had happened. I laid myself down again, facing him. He looked beautiful while sleeping. I captured the moment in my head and wondered how it would be waking up to him every day. Suddenly he opened his eyes, no words where said and as our eyes starred into one another we were caught by the moment. He kissed me roughly and rolled on top of me. As our kissing got more and more passionate he unbuttoned my shirt, making his way down to my jeans. I pulled his blue t-shirt over his head, and made my own way towards his belt. He was no stranger to this, and neither was I. He kissed my neck and I pulled his curly hair tight, it was soft and just the feeling of his hair in my hands made my heart beat faster. As he kissed my breast he slowly pulled my jeans down, he unzipped my bra and removed my panties. He pulled his own jeans and boxers down, and laid himself on me. Our kiss weren’t as rough anymore, and as he slowly placed himself inside of me I started moaning. The moment was filled with lust. He put his hands on my hips, going faster and faster. “Harder” I moaned “As you wish” he said. Fifteen minutes was all it took, before it was over. He put his clothes on fast and as he walked towards the door he kissed my cheek and said “See you soon love”. I was left with an emptiness and a wanting for more of him. 

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