Ebony was walking through the store to buy some groceries for her and Niall's anniversary dinner tonight. You grabbed some chocolate, cream, and you went to get some chicken. That's when she saw it, dropping all of her groceries, standing in shock. There Niall was with his lips locked to another.

Read on to find out how Ebony and Niall met, and where there future lays. <3


1. Introduction

Hello Movellitas!

This is my first story, I hope you like it ;)

I don't have much experiance so I appolagize if something doesn't make sence.

The main character is Ebony Santez.

Her best friend is Harry, he falls for Ebony, at the same time Niall does.

When Ebony begins to have feelings for both the boys, she goes on a rampage of depression.

That's when Louis gets involved, he's always had that thing for Ebony, but ever since she moved away from Lou, he didn't know how to love anymore, he had one night stands, had fake girlfriends, publicity girlfriends, all of them.

Ebony find herself in a mess after having sex with Niall, and Harry beats Niall, Louis runs away, and you got hate tweets such as; "OMG EBONY!! you the reason for one directions split up."

"ebony your such a f^ck up! you ugly beast."

"ew. whats wrong with your face"

You had enough. That's when it went black.....

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