When Stella rose thinks she has the man of he dreams. Will he turn out to be the wrong guy, or a complete jerk? Will a One Direction concert change her life forever. Will she find the other half to her heart?


2. what we live for

stella's p.o.v.

wow he is so sweet. i thought to myself. " so um do you wanna maybe go to a movie friday night? alec asked " sure i love to." i said " but first lets go get some ice cream?" he asked " ya let me go tell my friends. be right back" i said

" hey guys so i meet up with you later i am going to go get some ice cream with alec." i said " wait that super hot guy?" jesse asked " yes alec" i said.

" ok ready?" alec asked " ya ready " i said.



Alec's p.o.v.

" but first lets go get some ice cream?" i say." ya let me go tell my friends. be right back." she said in her sweet, sweet beautiful i am going to get ice cream with the girl i have had a major crush on since third grade.. wow hell i am scared. she is so hot. the way she talks the way she walks. the way she smile at everything, no matter what they say.  "ok ready?" i said " Ya ready." she said. so we start walking towards the ice cream shop.

we get to the ice cream shop and we walk up to the counter. " hey there cutie, what would you like?" the guy at the counter asks stella. man do i wanna punch a guy i dont even know.


Stella's p.o.v.

" hey there cutie, what would you like?" the guy behind the counter asks me i look over at alec who is giving the guy a very dirty look,  the kind of if look could kill you'd be one the floor lifeless. " um give me the, hello dude on a date with a cherry on top." i said in sassy cute little tone .


alec's p.o.v.

 wow in your face and " i will have a um, hum, wow there are so many choic-" counter guy interruptsme " what the hell would you like, sir" he says " bye." stella says to the guy.

"wow that was interesting, dont you think?" i asked " ya but that was really fun and did you see his face when i said that?" she asked " ya that was like so super funny." i said " well i better get back to my friends heres my number ########## text me where we will meet on friday." she said


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