When Stella rose thinks she has the man of he dreams. Will he turn out to be the wrong guy, or a complete jerk? Will a One Direction concert change her life forever. Will she find the other half to her heart?


4. The music and the money for a drummer

I have been the drummer of the hot new english band the wanted. I've done at least ten gigs. We have  a concert to morrow I am pretty nervous. Heck I am more than nervous. I have been away from alec for two months now I miss his so much. I know he will always be mine because before I left he gave me this beautiful promise ring. I haven't taken it off since. I am kid of lonely. at least I make good money. you would think that I wouldn't be lonely, but being the drummer you go to rehearsals and the gigs. I don't go to dinner with them the only time I am seen in public with them is at the gigs, but its alright.

 bzz bzz text from the wanted" hey don't worry about the concert tomorrow 'cause we found a new drummer.we'll send your last check."

well I used to be in the wanted.i log onto twitter and tweet,"hey guys not in the band anymore, now I got to find a new job anyone got any ideas?"

well at least I get to go home and see alec. I go to my flat and start packing.


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