When Stella rose thinks she has the man of he dreams. Will he turn out to be the wrong guy, or a complete jerk? Will a One Direction concert change her life forever. Will she find the other half to her heart?


1. intro

Stella's p.o.v.

I wake up to my alarm going off. Monday, the last day of my senior i am going to go to college. it seems like yesterday i was in seventh grade. I grab my drum sticks and guitar and head out the door to find jesse, my best friend out in a brand new 1965 convertible camaro.  

" where the hell did you get that? Did you steal it from your brother?" i asked "no for you information he gave it to me for graduation." jesse said in a sassy tone. so i hop in the car and we drive to the school. " well me and kaden are going to the mall at 4:30 and you are coming" jesse said" ok well i will see you later." i said.

4:15 to day is the day i will find the guy i am meant to be with i thought to myself.i  got myself ready just before jesse and kaden pull up. " sup little girly?" kaden askes " nothin" i said we head straight to the parking lot closest to the ice cream shop. "look at that super cute guy over there. he is so your type."jesse said. " you know, i dont have a type of preference on guys. there not cell phones." i said to jesse " but ya think he cute, right?" jesse. " well ya sure theres lots of cute guys here."i "well he looks nice, plus he keeps checking you out. just go over and talk to the poor sucker." jesse. so i walk over and say "hey my name is stella." i " hey im alec. has anyone ever told you your smoken hot?" he akes " no" i said " well that a shame cause guess what you are. your so cute when you blush." he said " thanks" i said

hey guy i need co-authors

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