When Stella rose thinks she has the man of he dreams. Will he turn out to be the wrong guy, or a complete jerk? Will a One Direction concert change her life forever. Will she find the other half to her heart?


3. friday finally

stella's p.o.v.

texts back and forth

' hey stell, so i will be at your house in 20, sound good?' from alec

' sorry no that does not sound good.' from stella

' what do you mean?'  from alec

' i mean can we meet somewhere else?'  from stella

'why do you not want your parents to meet me?'  from alec

'no i dont  you to meet my parents.'  from stella

'why?'  from alec

' alec they cant know about us ok i dont want you to get hurt ok?i love you thats why.' from stella

' ok babe where do you want to meet?'  from alec

' at kaden's and jesse house'   from stella

' wait they live together? and ok<3.'   from alec

'ya in 20 right?'  from stella


20 mins later in front of kaden and jesse's house

talking back and forth

'hey babe you ready?'alec

'ya well you clean up nice' stella

' thanks and not so bad yourself' alec

'thanks' stella

we walk to the car he opens the door for me. i get and he walks around and gets in. it is about a 15 min drive to the theaters so we listen to music. we get to the theater we walk up the stairs and he opens the door for me. with get in the theater and buy some popcorn and go to theater 8. while we wait for the movie to start the only thing we do is stare at each other and smile. wow this is the best date ever. the movie starts.

after the movie we get up walk out of the theater and walk to the car he opens the door for me i get in he goes around and gets in. we turn the radio on. ten mins later we arrive at jesse's house.  he turns off the radio and turn to me and ask 'why couldnt i pick you up at your house?' i reach over to open the door but he lock it so i have to tell him.

well me stepdad doesn't want me to have a boyfriend,because then we might get to serious and i move out then all he will do is abuse my mom. i cant let him abuse her. .

by this time i am crying alec reaches over and wipes away a tear and my makeup 'wait is that..?' he askes and he with the rest off the under of my eye and she what he shouldnt ever see

' is that, do you have a black eye?are you ok. babe how can you not tell me about this? is this from your stepdad? man i am going to kill him for hurting my baby girl.' he says in a soft tone the it turns very harsh.


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