When Stella rose thinks she has the man of he dreams. Will he turn out to be the wrong guy, or a complete jerk? Will a One Direction concert change her life forever. Will she find the other half to her heart?


5. Back to work

Tweet" hey I saw your tweet um my name is hazza we just lost our drummer to the wanted. I don't know why they got rid of their drummer she was amazing and super hot@stell" @styleshair

"really you think there drummer was hot?@ styleshair"@stells

"ya way hot@stells"@styleshair

" um that's great@styleshair"@stells

"What is your email?@stells"


hey it's hazza well we are having a audition for a new drummer all of April 

well sure why not where?

in homes chaple chesire 

ok when should I be there 

thee days 

for how long

one month 


well see ya soon


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