Love never say never

This story is about well a girl named Lenzie. Her life changes when she finds out Her dad who abuses her isn't her dad :O and she ends up falling in love with Harry Styles


1. Is it true??

Lenzie my dad was drunk again.Does he always have to be drunk . While i was thinking he must have came in the room because i suddenly felt a pain in my thigh. When i looked down there was a knife in my leg, but that wasn't the first time. Suddenly i was on the ground and was being punched and then i blacked out. When i woke up i was in the park on a bench . I tried moving when I heard a scream and realized it was my own. When I looked down i remembered there was a knife in my leg, but i had to get help when all the sudden a curly hair green eyed boy walked by. He couldn't see me cause the trees but i screamed again trying to move so he ran over. He was freaking out cause all the blood and suddenly asked me "why are you not freaking out." Thats when i started to cry. After he tells me his name is Harry Styles he set me in his lap and called i guess was a friend.
Harry's POV
She was gorgeous she had a black eye and a knife in her leg. I was freaking out because all the blood. She was still gorgeous and acting like nothing was wrong. But when i finally asked why she wasn't freaking out i think thats when she thought of what happened because she started to cry so i pulled her in my lap. I had to call someone so I called Liam,he is the most responsible, when he came he of course brought all the guys. When we got her to the hospital the doctor asked her to lift her shirt to check for more bruises. She didn't want us to see her,but why. Shes gorgeous.Thats when a guy that i guess was drunk walked in. She looked scared so good thing Paul was there to help get him out because she was crying and shaking. I cant help it she is so beautiful im already falling in love.
Lenzie's POV
I was refusing to lift my shirt when dad walked in. But the guy that Harry calls Paul escorted him out. For some reason i felt safe with Harry. I think im falling for Harry.

-I know this is a shorter chapter but i disnt take it from no one and if u like it then comment ill add to it thank you - Kenzie
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