Behind the Truth

Meet Harry Styles...

Harry Styles was one of the world's biggest heartthrobs of a certain British/Irish band called, 'One Direction'. All he ever wanted was someone to treat him well. Not as the famous celebrity, but as Harry.

He finds that when he meets Carter Hanson. A girl who has 2 jobs and is pretty much a nerd. She knows who he is, but doesn't treat him as if he were any different from herself. He's falling fast for a girl he's only just met. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.

Meet Carter Hanson...

Carter's your typical quiet, shy 14 year old. From the outside, she seems completely happy, joyous, and carefree.

But her secrets beg to differ.


32. Sequel is Up!





Hey Guys! So, like I promised, the sequel is up! I really appreciate the patience and comments you guys put up with the past few weeks. I really hope you like the sequel as much as I love writing it.


It's called, 'Four Years Later...' (I know, corny title. You can almost tell what the story will be about anyways.. :/)


If you're on desktop, here's the link!;jsessionid=9F99126302992BEC66C691416F926849.worker3

If you're on mobile, search it up, and try to find my username ;)


Anyways, enjoy :)


You can also follow me on Twitter for any questions, comments, and/or concerns. ;) You can also ask if you want to a part of my story :) Anytime, anytime. LOL. So, yeah. I'm going to stop talking and you can start reading.

BYE! <3 x

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