Behind the Truth

Meet Harry Styles...

Harry Styles was one of the world's biggest heartthrobs of a certain British/Irish band called, 'One Direction'. All he ever wanted was someone to treat him well. Not as the famous celebrity, but as Harry.

He finds that when he meets Carter Hanson. A girl who has 2 jobs and is pretty much a nerd. She knows who he is, but doesn't treat him as if he were any different from herself. He's falling fast for a girl he's only just met. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.

Meet Carter Hanson...

Carter's your typical quiet, shy 14 year old. From the outside, she seems completely happy, joyous, and carefree.

But her secrets beg to differ.


29. Sad Songs and Letters.

Carter's POV:


I wiped my tears away from my eyes when I sat down at my assigned seat. Thankfully my mother got us First Class tickets for the plane, and I was assigned seated alone. I took out my laptop, and plugged in my headphones. Today was probably the worst, and the saddest day ever. I thought.

Once my laptop turned on, I plugged in the flash drive that Harry gave me, and waited for the window to open.

I only saw one file, so I clicked that. A video window popped up and I waited for it to load. There sat Harry and the boys. I almost started to cry when I saw them there, having fun with their goofy self, making me realize how much I was going to miss them.

"HELLO CARTER!" I heard a few of those. "We just wanted to let you know that this is Harry's One Month Anniversary present to you!" They announced with their cheeky self.

"Anyways, Hazza here wants to say some things to you! We'll leave you alone!" Niall said loudly with the boys following him out of the shot.

He was left alone, with his fluffy hair out of his beanie, wearing his grey sweat pants and blue T-Shirt. His cute self sat in the middle of the couch and looked in the camera as if he was looking directly at me.

"I just wanted to say, Carter.." He paused, clearing his deep, husky throat. "Happy Anniversary, love. I wanted to tell you how much fun I've had with you the past month. I'm not being dramatic with it. You really have. It's amazing how one girl can change me for the better. Before I met you, I was this.. huge upcoming big celebrity that everyone wanted to know. When I met you, it was like I didn't feel like a celebrity. I felt like myself. You helped me find out who I really was. And that's what I really like about you." He pauses. "I love your smile, your sense of humor, your carefree attitude, and just the caring, sweet girl you are. I hope I can keep making these videos for you every month we pass, because I know that we'll be together for a while. Hopefully." He whispered at the last word. I chuckled. "So anyways, Carter, Happy Anniversary. Sorry if this video sucked." He waved, and I heard Niall whisper,

"Are you done? Should I close it?" Harry nodded, and I saw the camera move to Louis' face.

"Niall! That's not how you close it!" I heard Zayn say, with the camera moving more.

Eventually, it blacked out, and changed to another video. More like a slide saying;


"Hey Carter! It's me, Harry! This is so soon, and I just finished recording it.. I know you're leaving, and I fixed it up quickly for you, thanks to Liam. This song is dedicated to you..." It read. A soothing tune started to play.


'The Song We Finished..' The next slide read.


Last First Kiss

By One Direction


The lyrics I helped Harry with. He finished it.
 Everything felt as if my world turned upside down. It was all too much.


After that, I heard another song starting. An unfamiliar song.


'Dedicated to Carter Hanson...My Inspiration..' it read. 'Thank you for being there for me, I would've never figured out the song without you in my life...'


Summer Love

By One Direction


Can't believe you're packing your bags
Trying so hard not to cry
Had the best time and now it's the worst time
But we have to say goodbye

Don't promise that you're gonna write
Don't promise that you'll call
Just promise that you won't forget we had it all

'Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my summer love

Wish that we could be alone now
If we could find some place to hide
Make the last time just like the first time
Push a button and rewind

Don't say the word that's on your lips
Don't look at me that way
Just promise you'll remember
When the sky is grey

'Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my summer love

So please don't make this any harder
We can't take this any farther
And I know there's nothing that I wanna change, change

'Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love (summer love)
You always will be my summer love (summer love)
You always will be my summer love
You always will be my summer love...'


The song faded, and I could already see myself from the laptop screen, seeing my tears streaming down my face.


'Carter, the memories we shared together, are the memories I could never forget. You're something I would never forget.. Everything from the start, will never have an end.'

In a script font, the last slide finally appeared,


'Carter, I know it's so soon to say, but I couldn't keep it in much longer to tell you that I didn't love you..'


Written in bold, it continued to a new slide,


'I was completely IN love with you...'


'I'll never forget you Carter Hanson. You'll always be in my heart no matter what...'


I couldn't handle what was happening to me right now. Tears kept streaming down my face, seeing people almost look at me with concerned faces. I just let out a smile, reassuring them that I was fine. When they turned back to their seats, I wiped my tears away with my hand and looked out the window.


"This isn't goodbye.." I heard Harry's voice say.




Harry's POV:


When I saw Carter's plane leave, I could almost feel the hot tears on my cheek. My head leaned on the glass, as I watched the ground. I sniffled back my tears when I felt several hands on both of my shoulders. Seeing that everyone else was depressed, made me one less lonely.

I just sadly nodded, avoiding the fans that were in my way. I went back to the car, and we all took a moment of silence to bear what just happened.

"Hazza? Are you alright?" Zayn asked once I closed the door.

I looked at everyone in the car, seeing their sad faces as they stared back. I just shook my head, leaning my head down the entire ride back home instead of the recording studio. I couldn't deal with anything that involved work right now.




"I'll be out in a minute." I told everyone when I entered my bedroom. I sighed, wiping my last tears off my cheeks when I sat on my bed, remembering to read Carter's letter she wrote me.

I took a moment to look at the folded paper before I opened it, unsure of what would be said in it. After what seemed like hours, I unfolded the paper, almost hearing her voice reading it to me when I started to read the letter.


"Dear Harry,


So, once you're reading this, I just want you to know that.. this was out of the blue.. with me leaving. I never actually thought it would come to this moment. I never thought this at all. It was so sudden. Unfortunately, my mother had found out back in New York with the news of you and me all over.

She forbids me to even talk to you, or even call you. But I know that I would never do that to you.

I just want you to know that... I've had an amazing summer with you. Although our relationship started literally a month ago, I never want to forget it because of how much you've changed me. You didn't care how old I was (for a while), yet you still treated me like the same person before I told you. That had to be the best feeling ever, knowing that you actually didn't care if you dated a 14 year old. 

Meeting the boys, you, and spending the time with the girls, has really taught me so much that I didn't know existed.. I thought it was all just fairy tales.

Back before I met you, I was nothing but a smart loser with overprotective parents. I can't even imagine how much things have changed. It's been a dream to me that I never want to forget.

Now that I'm leaving for who knows how long, I just want say that you mean everything to me. Trust me, leaving you is the most hardest thing I ever had to do. To how we met, our first date, first kiss, and the funniest days with the boys and the girls, is something I would never forget. I remembered when we were inseparable, because we couldn't go that long without seeing each other or hearing each others voices.

Promise me that you'll try and perform around New York when you go on tour... I really hope that someday in the future, I'll come back for you and the boys, and even Jasmine, Louise, Eleanor, and maybe even Perrie. Tell them I'll miss them a lot. Good luck on recording your album, your fame, and everything else. I know you and the boys will rise even further.


I'll never forget you Harry Edward Styles...


Lots of Love,

      Carter Hanson. xx"


I felt like something just stabbed my chest and tore out my heart. All I felt in myself now was pure emptiness and pain. There, I could see my tear stains falling on the letter like a heavy raindrop. I sniffled, suddenly feeling someone's warm arms around me.

"It'll be okay, Harry." I heard Eleanor say quietly to me, still hugging me for comfort. I just shook my head.


I didn't want to believe it... but it was true.





Boo... Sad Ending.


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So, anyways, I was thinking of a sequel. Does anyone want to agree to that? Hopefully so, because I hate sad endings.. Tell me what you think by commenting below and if I see at least 10+ comments (of different people), I'll start a sequel. ;D

Thanks so much! I love you guys for getting me this far... Hopefully it would go farther by sharing to your friends and stuff. It isn't quite over yet.

I'll might add one last chapter to it. Like a bonus chapter.

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