Behind the Truth

Meet Harry Styles...

Harry Styles was one of the world's biggest heartthrobs of a certain British/Irish band called, 'One Direction'. All he ever wanted was someone to treat him well. Not as the famous celebrity, but as Harry.

He finds that when he meets Carter Hanson. A girl who has 2 jobs and is pretty much a nerd. She knows who he is, but doesn't treat him as if he were any different from herself. He's falling fast for a girl he's only just met. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.

Meet Carter Hanson...

Carter's your typical quiet, shy 14 year old. From the outside, she seems completely happy, joyous, and carefree.

But her secrets beg to differ.


18. Hide 'n Seek.

Carter's POV:


Days have passed and ever since the date, and Harry and I have been inseparable. We've been talking, texting, and hanging out non-stop for the past week. I wanted it to last every minute with him, because my parents would be home sooner than I would know. 

Today, the girls and I were planning on hanging out with the boys today. Jasmine and Louise have been hanging out with the boys more whenever they were with me. I could tell Jasmine was closest to Niall whenever we were altogether. Louise has also been bonding with Liam more, and I can sense something between the four of them. Perhaps, a crush?

I knocked on the door to the boys' penthouse, and it swung open revealing Louis exclaiming our names. He crushed all of us into a big hug and let us in. "Come in, girls!"

We walked in, setting our bags on their couch, getting ready for the boys to come in. Louis was just standing by the doorway after he had shut the door. His heels were twiddling around forward and backwards with his lips pursing as if something was about to happen. Trust me, I knew these boys.

"Louis..." I said slowly. "What's going on?" I was ready for anything to happen, but I was too late to use my instincts. Randomly, the boys popped out of nowhere; behind the couch, in the kitchen, and the hallway. The boys started shooting the Nerf bullets at us. Louise, Jasmine, and I screamed, trying to defend ourselves from the bullets. It took a while for them to stop until they had no more bullets to shoot at us.

"Aw man..." Niall whined, trying to find more bullets in his Nerf gun. "No more bullets..."

"Niall... Don't dare!" Louise gave him an evil eye, and he backed away with his hands up in surrender.

"Okay, I think they had enough.." Liam finally said. Now he says it?!

The boys came up to us, giving us the proper welcome hug they always do. But the girls and I just looked at them, looking like we were mad. We weren't, we were just faking.

"Aw, come on Carter. You're not really mad, are you?" Harry clicked his tongue, his arms out for me to hug. I turned halfway, not facing him. To be honest, I was a pretty good actress. That's when I felt a pair of arms around my waist, "Can I make it up to you?"

"Nope." I turned towards him, and he let go. "I was just kidding. I'm not mad." I chuckled. "Did you actually believe that?"

He gasped, "Nope." He smiled sheepishly.

I playfully slapped his arm, "Dope."

"So if you two are done with your little love fest here, what are we doing today?" Jasmine suddenly interrupted us, making me blush.

"Can't we stay home? Louis and I are too tired from shopping last night. We were almost ambushed by screaming fans." Niall explained.

"Fine, we'll stay. What do we do though?" Louise asked.

"Hide and Seek!" Louis cheered. "I haven't played that in a while!" I wandered my eyes around everyone, looking at their facial expressions to see if they were into it. Apparently, they were.

"I'm in!"

"Me too!"

"Count me in!"


"I'm up for it!"

"Great! Let's see who's counting." Louise started to count us orderly until whoever was left last. The person who was left last was Harry. He started to count down to 50 and we ran. Louis and I started to team up and hide together. We rushed all the way around the rooms. When we heard Harry say, 'Ready or not, here I come!', we started to panic and mumble fast to each other on where to hide. Footsteps were coming closer so we scurried to his closet. For a famous boy, he sure was messy too.

"Ugh, Louis.. your closet's so messy!" I whispered. "Gaah, and stinky."

"Shhhh.. he'll hear us." He hissed. We started to hear Niall's voice being caught, then Liam's. When we heard some footsteps walking towards Louis's room, I shut my eyes tightly, hoping we would win.

"NOT IN HERE." It was Liam's voice. Thank goodness. His oblivious self saved us.

Louis and I sighed of relief once we heard his footsteps disappear. "How long do you think they'll take to find us?" I asked quietly.

"Probably about an hour or so." He guessed, shrugging.

My eyes widened, "What?!"

He chuckled, "Relax. I'm not the best hider anyways."

"Oh." Suddenly, we heard a girl's squeal. I bet they either found Jasmine or Louise.

"FOUND LOUISE." Niall announced. Told ya.

"Where are Jasmine, Louis, and Carter then!? We've checked everywhere!" Liam sighed, his footsteps running around the house.

"Hey." We heard a voice say. I was about to scream, but luckily Louis used his instincts to close my mouth with his hand. The closet was dark, and we didn't know who it was. Was it a crazy fan or something?

"J-Jasmine?" Louis squinted, he let go of me, and I cooled down. How the heck did Jasmine get in here?

"Ha, yeah." She laughed quietly. "I knew this was a good closet to hide in." She was sitting down on the ground of his closet, curling up with her knees. We joined her on the ground, knowing that it was going to be a long day.




A few minutes passed, and all we heard were muffles from outside, wondering where we all were. I was just chuckling at myself of how in the world they wouldn't think to check Louis' closet.

"What did you guys call me for?" We heard a female voice coming into Louis' room. His eyes widened, probably knowing who that was.

"Louis, Carter, and Jasmine are hiding from us. We need your help, Eleanor." Harry's voice rang. Very clever boy...

"Why do you need my help though?" She asked.

"You can track your boyfriend down." Niall said.

"Niall, I'm not a GPS robot." Eleanor replied.

"Fine, we'll just have to get Louis out himself." Louise smirked mischievously.

"How?" Eleanor quizzed.


"Wha-- AHHHH!" We heard her scream. Louis jumped up, storming out of his closet.

"Ha." Harry was already there in place, with Eleanor over Liam's shoulders.

"Put her down, mate." Louis warned him thoroughly.

"Fine." He smiled. Liam put her down and she straightened her clothes out, wrapping her arms around Louis' waist.

"You win. You found us." Louis continued, slapping his thigh. "Next round?"

"Liam's counting! I found him first!" Harry laughed. He grabbed my hand when Liam went back to the living room to countdown. I squealed with him dragging me someplace. He went inside the guest room and onto the balcony.

"So, you were working with Louis and Jasmine, huh?" He smirked at me.

"No." I scoffed, crossing my arms. "Jasmine just happened to be there. Louis and I were working together. We make a good team. But we would've stayed longer without you calling Eleanor whom you tried to threaten."

"Hey, I had no choice. You guys wouldn't come out." He defended.

"But still, that's not how to play Hide and Seek." I told him. "If this is your hiding place, then you're the worst hider in the world, Curls." I joked, looking out at the view.

"Well, this has air and a beautiful view." He snuck behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. We looked at the view together, savoring the moment that we had.


That didn't last very long.






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This chapter was kind of boring, I guess. But I hope you liked it! :D

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