Behind the Truth

Meet Harry Styles...

Harry Styles was one of the world's biggest heartthrobs of a certain British/Irish band called, 'One Direction'. All he ever wanted was someone to treat him well. Not as the famous celebrity, but as Harry.

He finds that when he meets Carter Hanson. A girl who has 2 jobs and is pretty much a nerd. She knows who he is, but doesn't treat him as if he were any different from herself. He's falling fast for a girl he's only just met. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.

Meet Carter Hanson...

Carter's your typical quiet, shy 14 year old. From the outside, she seems completely happy, joyous, and carefree.

But her secrets beg to differ.


27. Chasing You.

Carter's POV:


"Carter! Come down here now! The plane is leaving in 2 hours!" My mom called out from downstairs. I groaned, stomping downstairs with my luggage in my hands. I ignored her, making my way to the front door, slipping on my coat. "Carter, I know you're still mad, but this is for the best for you. I don't need you to be going out with older guys, you're only going to get hurt."

"Harry would never try to hurt me." I retorted, picking up my bag from the ground.

"Sweetie, I don't appreciate you using that tone with me. I'm just doing this for your own good." She started to raise her voice when she locked the door. My last sight of my house, and almost the last sight of Cheshire.

"Mom, I get it, okay? You have took everything away from me that made me happy. You win, mom. Alright? Just, forget it." I sighed, walking in front of her and into her car. "Can I have my phone back?"

"No. I don't want you texting that boy again." She told me, starting the engine.

"What about Louise and Jasmine?" I started to get annoyed. She kept calling Harry, 'boy'. It almost made me rage.

"They'll understand. You don't need to tell them your business."




Harry's POV:


The words that just came out of Louise's mouth shattered me in so many ways. I couldn't believe what I heard, and I thought I was just dreaming. Having a nightmare. But no, it was real. Apparently, her mom found out about us. Now, she was moving to New York for who knows how long!

"I have to go get her!" I stood up, after Louise telling me what happened.

"It's going to be too late." Louise told me.

"I don't care. I can't leave without her saying goodbye." I started to sprint towards the door, but Jeff suddenly stopped me.

"Harry, I heard you finally finished the song!"

"Yeah, I don't have time to talk now. Can we finish this later? This is an emergency." I said quickly with the rest of the boys and Louise behind me.

"Oh, of course." Jeff stammered, getting out of the way. I tried going through the front, but remembered that fans were outside. So Liam led me to the back where the van was.

"Louise! I got your text! Is Carter really leaving?" Jasmine suddenly ran in the back.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll explain later. Let's go!" I heard Louise quickly say, grabbing her wrist.




Carter's POV:


"I'm heading to the bathroom real quick. I'll be right back." I told my mom.

"Alright, but when they call the flight to New York, don't be late. I'll wait by the gate." She warned me. I stood up, taking my suitcases with me as I headed to the bathroom. I paced around the restroom, trying to get something off my mind instead of Harry and my friends. I rubbed my temples, thinking of the negative things of me leaving. Like, me without saying goodbye. He would be mad at me, right? I sighed when I leaned my hands on the sink counter and looked down at my shoes. TOMS. Reminds me of Louis. Of course, he did buy me these for some reason.




I was in the middle of talking to Jasmine and Louise when somebody randomly tapped my shoulder. I swirled around seeing Louis holding a big shoe box. "Here you go, Carter."

I reluctantly took it, unsure of what he could have possibly done to it. "Um, Lou? Should I be scared?"

He scoffed, "Why should you? You think I would poison my best friend? How selfish. J-Just, open it."

I chuckled, and slowly opened the box. Blue TOMS. "Oh my gosh, Lou! You didn't have to get me TOMS. How did you know I wanted them anyway?"

"Harry told me. He somewhat mentioned it. Plus, I thought it would be great for me and you. We could be twins!" He kicked his feet up, showing me his matching blue TOMS he had on. "Try it on! Eleanor wants us to take a picture together. It even goes great with the dress you're wearing."

I grinned as I took the shoes out of the box and tried it on. It was a perfect fit. He was right, TOMS did look great with dresses. I looked down at my feet, seeing the shoes I've always wanted to buy. "Perfect fit! Thank you so much, Louis." I hugged him tightly and he lifted me up from the hug. I squealed and he let me down. Eleanor stood up from the couch and grabbed Louis' phone, pointing the camera towards us.

"Say cheese!"

Louis and I held each others' waist as we made peace signs with our other hand and yelled, 'CHEESE'.




"Plane 234 to New York City is now boarding. Please proceed to Gate 3." I heard the announcer say. I looked up at the ceiling, then back to the mirror at my reflection.

Why would Harry want this girl anyway? I suddenly thought. I'm a 14 year old, and he's an eighteen year old. I guess my mom was right. But what the heck was I thinking to mention that?

I splashed a handful of water on my face to keep the devil in my head away from my mind, but all I kept hearing were bad things that tried to make me take my mind of of Harry. Yet it didn't work. Nothing would work.


This really was goodbye.




Harry's POV:


I ran towards the entrance, catching everyone's attention to grab their cell phones out for a picture. It started to get crowded because of me, but I didn't care. There was only one thing on my mind that I cared for now and I wasn't going to give up soon. I ignored all of them, and ran to the chart of flights, seeing that New York was boarding.

"She could already be in the plane!" I frantically said. I ran to the window where I saw most of the planes gone. I touched the glass with my hands, slamming my forehead on the cold window. "She's gone.."

"Harry..." I felt Louis' hand on my shoulder. I ignored him, slamming my fist on the glass repeatedly and lightly.

She's gone. Gone. I thought miserably.

I didn't want to think that, but I already knew that. I've lost her. "It'll be okay."

"No, it's not, Lou." I said quietly. "I lost her."


"Harry?" A familiar voice said.




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