Behind the Truth

Meet Harry Styles...

Harry Styles was one of the world's biggest heartthrobs of a certain British/Irish band called, 'One Direction'. All he ever wanted was someone to treat him well. Not as the famous celebrity, but as Harry.

He finds that when he meets Carter Hanson. A girl who has 2 jobs and is pretty much a nerd. She knows who he is, but doesn't treat him as if he were any different from herself. He's falling fast for a girl he's only just met. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.

Meet Carter Hanson...

Carter's your typical quiet, shy 14 year old. From the outside, she seems completely happy, joyous, and carefree.

But her secrets beg to differ.


13. BRIT Awards Part I

Harry's POV:


This was it. Tonight was the night of our first BRITS Award. It's crazy how much we've improved with our level of fame. It was like yesterday that I was auditioning for the X-Factor. We were nominated for 'Best British Single' and the boys and I couldn't be more excited for the night.

I called Carter that morning, telling her that I would pick her up soon. Eleanor was going to come too, making Carter less lonely at her first time in an awards show. I hope this night would go well for me and Carter. I wanted Carter to enjoy her night having fun with all of us. Plus, I get to spend more time with her. Hopefully, the media wouldn't suspect anything.




It was the night of the BRIT Awards, and I was just finishing up my tuxedo. I slipped on my gray blazer and loosened my bow tie, making it straight. I looked at myself one last time at the mirror, before joining everyone downstairs in the lobby to pick up Carter.

I took out my phone, dialing Carter's number once I got into the car, followed by everyone else.

"I cannot wait to meet your friend, Harry." Eleanor smiled. I smiled back, still waiting for Carter to pick her phone up as it kept ringing.

"Yeah, she's a sweet girl." Louis told her.

It kept ringing, but it went straight to voice mail after several rings. Maybe she didn't hear me. I called her again, he phone ringing 3 times. That was when I heard her voice.

"Hello?" She sounded like she just woke up.

"Oh, hey Carter.. Listen, we're coming right now-"

"Oh! Sorry.. Yeah, I'm ready. I just- fell asleep for a few minutes." She yawned. "Um, are you going to come up or I go down?"

"I'll pick you up. See you then." I told her, then hung up.




Once I arrived at Carter's house, I rung her doorbell. She swung it open in a matter of seconds and smiled. My jaw dropped, (not literally, know what I mean..) looking at the flawless girl standing in front of me. She was beautiful. Her white dress, her curled hair, her big brown eyes... It was flawless.

She giggled when she waved her hand at my face. "Curls? You alright there?"

I snapped back into reality, shaking my head. I cleared my throat. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine." I paused, stammering. "I-I uh, I just...." I exhaled, "Y-You look beautiful, Carter."

"Really? I just threw this on. I don't really have so much dresses." She scoffed, grabbing her purse and phone. "You look really handsome tonight too, Haz." She winked, closing the front door behind her.

I led her over to the limo. "Thank you. Oh, and Eleanor's here. You girls will be great friends." I opened the limo door for her, letting her go in first, meeting all the guys inside.

"Everyone ready?" I asked.

They all cheered, "Ready!" They said in unison.


It was time.




Hey Everyone! I'm so glad that you like my story so far. I actually thought it was going to suck. But thanks for the comments, favorites and likes so far. It really means a lot to me that you guys care. Anyways, next chapter's going to be up soon! Byee!


If you're wondering what Carter's dress looks like, here it is;

I was looking for a innocent looking dress/feature that makes her look older, but really, she's younger. ;D

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