The last month


1. The incident

I was putting my clothes on. Just 1 hour left and then it was school time. I took 15 minutes to change my clothes and a half an hour for my hair. My mum yelled

" Hurry up!, Its almost school time."

I runned downstairs as fast as I could, I had no time to eat my breakfast so I just went to school. When I got there, students were waiting outside. I saw Ellie standing there with Katie.

" Whats happening here? Why is the door not open yet?" I asked

" I don't know, I heard that  2 little boys did something wrong, but I don't know what they did.'' Ellie replied

"I am angry, that 2 little boys did it  why do we have to wait here?" Katie yelled

Mr. Carter came.

"Sorry everyone for waiting, you can come in now" he shouted

Kaine came and began talking with us

" I hate it." he said

I just went to class without talking with someone. Today was going to be a boring day as always.

we were doing maths, so Mr.Carter told us something so strange he said

" Tomorrow is going to be a special day for you all, but I am not aloud to tell you all."

I looked at Ellie and Katie.

" What's going to happen?" 

" No talking." Mr.Carter said 

It was break time so I went to Mr.Carter 

" Mr.Carter can you tell what is going to happen tomorrow, I am not going to tell anyone I swear."

" No I am sorry, I am not aloud."

I went outside so there stood Macey.

" Macey, did you hear about that thing that is going to happen tomorrow?" I asked

" No." She told me.

I really wanted to know what the thing was. 









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