The Dark Nights

When all electricity, and electric devices are cut off, It leaves a group of people to fight for their lives. They are against cannibals, starvation, and even themselves.


2. Chapter 1

I was standing in the living room fighting with my little brother Bryan. We had been watching TV until a show I didn’t like came on. When I tried to change the channel, Bryan yelled at me and said he loved that show. I knew he was trying to yank my chain so, I changed the channel anyways. So then, like all lovable little brothers do, he ran into the living room to tell our mom. That’s when I went running in to defend myself from whatever lie he made up this time. That’s how we started our fight.


After forty- five minutes of screaming at each other, mom burst in and sent us to our rooms. I could have cared less about the old room punishment. I had my cell phone in my pocket, a computer and TV in my room, and my iPod with a stereo. So, for me it wasn’t punishment. Bryan, on the other hand had only a bed, a desk, and his homework folders.


I walked up the tawny colored stairs and headed towards my room which was second to last down the hall. I looked at the clock and saw it was eight fifty- two on a school night. I frowned at the thought of school and closed my room door behind me. Lately, I have been really tired and slow in class. I had no idea why though. It might be because of the late night calls and not getting enough sleep. The only problem was, the reason I had late night calls and I wasn’t getting enough sleep was because I couldn’t fall asleep. I counted the flowers I had painted on my walls since I was six but, I still couldn’t fall asleep. I tried drinking hot chocolate which usually makes people tired, it didn’t work. I even tried reading which, everyone knows I hate doing but, it still didn’t work. So, finally I gave up and just stayed up. I just never get tired I guess.


I decided I would try to go to bed early and see if it worked. So, I climbed in my lilac purple bed and closed my eyes. I don’t know how long I stayed like this, but it eventually started to work. The feeling it brought me felt wonderful, eventually I let the darkness take me away like sleeping beauty.






When I woke up in the morning I felt great, renewed with lots of energy.  I ran downstairs, skipping breakfast and bursting through the back door with my book bag. Running down the streets of Dayton, Ohio I thought about what would happen in school today. I have to get to the bus stop or there wouldn’t be any school! I thought to myself and ran faster. I was on the school track team and had made three records already. I turned the corner and stopped at the bench by the bus stop. The bus hadn’t come yet, I could tell by the ten or so people crowding the sign. Taking deep, short breaths I walked up to a guy named Jake. I don’t know why but, I guess I wanted someone to talk to. Before I could say a word though, the bus pulled up in front of us.  Sighing, I climbed aboard the big yellow death trap.


For me, school was a wiz. The only problem was that I didn’t want to be known as the smartest person in school or the dumbest person in school. So, I decided to go through school with mostly B’s, but some A’s. Today I had ELA, math, social studies, earth science, geometry, gym, and health. I was a very athletic person so, I loved gym. I just didn’t like any of the other classes. Of course we also had lunch but, that doesn’t count as a class. It’s more of a free time for everybody. Especially because we had no lunch ladies, well except for the ones that hand out food but they always stay in the kitchen.


As I found a seat on the bus that was empty, I sat down. There was a weird smell coming from the front of the bus but, I soon forgot it and sat in silence for a few boring minutes.


About five minutes later, the smell got really bad and probably every kid on the bus smelled the revolting stench. Some were gagging, some were laughing, and some were asking people if they farted. Then, the bus started stalling. It strolled for a second then stopped then repeated five or six more times until the bus came to a complete and utter halt. Everybody looked at one another and the bus filled with silence for a minute or so. Then, the bus driver’s voice came over the speakers, “Everyone get off the bus. No other bus can pick us up so, we are gonna have to walk to school.” She said and, forgetting to turn off the speaker added, “It’ll do these lazy children some good to get some exercise.”


Apparently she said it fainter than I thought because only a few kids heard it and hardly any of them took it offensively. I, for one did. I wasn’t a fat teenager; I wasn’t exactly the skinny anorexic type either. I was about regular, I ate and ate well but not too much, I watched TV but again, not too much, and I slept but, not too long. I was regular, like I said. I have brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes, and am the same height as half the girls at school. I picked up my hand and brushed my long bangs out of my face and stood. If we had to walk, I’d walk. It’s not like we are hours away from school, no we are precisely four miles away. This means if I run I could be there in ten to fifteen minutes. It turns out that I can’t run though because apparently they don’t trust me on my own. So, I decided to head towards the back where the grouchy bus driver couldn’t see me and looked at the bus until it disappeared from view. Little did I know, though, that the bus was the start of something. Something that brought pain and death. Something that would scar my life forever. Something called, the Dark Age.






I walked into the main office to get a late pass. Shifting slightly from one foot to another, I told them why I was late and they accepted my excuse. Shivering, I walked down the empty hallway. I had no clue what I had for first period, was it science or ELA? When I finally got to my locker, I opened it and looked at the schedule that was taped on the inside of my locker door. Ok, I had ELA this period. Walking down the eerily silent hallway again, I felt around for my late pass. Then, I pulled it out of my pocket and gave it a death grip so I wouldn’t drop it.


I walked into class, feeling a million eyes on me. Walking up to the teacher, (who had stopped talking to also stare at me) I put out my late pass. When her hands grabbed the pass I barreled towards my seat, head down. Hearing laughs and snickers all around me, I sat down. I’ll admit it, high school is hard.


I sat through class droning in and out of the discussion about adverbs and stuff like that. I mean, we have been learning about this stuff since Kindergarten. It’s not that hard of a thing to learn! I sank back into my seat and closed my eyes, hoping to get some sleep before science next period. I was bordering on the edge of sleep when someone thunked me in the back of my head, hard. I jerked around to see Xavier Jones, one of the most popular boys in school. Most school’s popular people are football players an cheerleaders. Not this school, the basketball  players were at the top of the food chain. Followed by the soccer dweebs, or as I like to call them, grass faeries.


“What?!” I whispered harshly and he smirked. He thought this was funny didn’t he? Whack me in the back of the head to get my attention is ok, but whack me in the head and laugh? Not ok at all. “Leave me alone.” I snapped and turned back in my seat.


A few minutes later I felt a familiar feeling in the back of my head, I jerked around in my seat again to find him looking the other way like he was distracted. If he whacked me again he was going to be distracted by my fist flying towards is popular little face. I turned back around and glared at the chalk board to find that the teacher was gone. I confirmed this with seeing his black shoe leave the door and I heard people start whispering. Gossip flew through the room and I once again sank down in my seat.


That’s when the lights flickered off, then turned back on. I shrugged it off, they flicker from time to time but, they never went out before. As if the world was trying to prove my statement wrong, the lights went totally out. It wasn’t dark outside so we could still see but, people still screamed when the lights went out and I rolled my eyes. Some people were so skittish! That’s when I felt the thunk that made me jerk my head around so hard it gave me whip lash.


“What the heck?!” I screamed loud enough to stop everyone’s whimpering about the missing electricity. “Leave me the freak alone! You are so freaking annoying, thinking you’re cool and whacking me in the back of my flippin head!” I was breathing fast. I had a bad temper, I explode easily. My parents had wanted me to take a class about how to cool off and I called it lame. So, they gave up.


Xavier smiled and stood up so I stood up too. I only stood up to match as close as I could get in height to him but, he was still a head taller than me and I glared at him. He leaned down next to my ear and said, “You’re cute when you’re angry.” I was too shocked to say anything and he sat down in his chair watching me with what could only be amusement. I stood there for a while, everyone watching me look like a fool with my jaw drooping. Then, I grunted and plopped back in my chair moments before the teacher came in.


Being oblivious to the tension in the room, the teacher started speaking, “The janitors are working on the lights but, in the meantime I’m supposed to keep you guys busy. The principal told me that we can’t do any work until the lights come on.” He motioned to the lights as everyone rejoiced that we wouldn’t have to work for a little while. “So,” He continued, “We are going to take a vote. We could either talk with the people around us or, play a game.”


“I would rather talk ‘bout sexy ladies than play a game from loser town, who’s with me?”, Josh yelled. Most the girls giggled as the other guys roared their answers. I sat there and sunk lower in my seat, self conscious about where their conversations would be headed.


The teacher glared at Josh and said, “Hands up if you wanna talk.” I put my hand up only because I most definitely did not want to play a kiddy game. “I guess that wins but, the rule is you have to have groups. Three people per group mostly because I wouldn’t trust Josh, Xavier, Buster, and Nick in the same group got it? And there has to be at least one of the opposite sex in the group. Ok, now I have to go talk to the principal, be good.” He glared at Josh the most but then looked at some of the girls who usually cause trouble. I shook my head at how stupid this teacher was, he expected us to be good and follow his rules when he wasn’t even in the room? Wow, Idiot. I thought.


I stayed in my seat, hoping nobody would ask me to be in their group. Not everyone loved me but a few people liked me well enough to talk to me and I didn’t want to talk to a guy. I saw Josh walk over to Xavier and as soon as he got there, I felt their eyes on me. I shivered and turned to look back at them and Xavier motioned with one finger for me to join them. They had moved two rows of desks over and I wondered why. I shook my head no and Xavier yelled, “If you don’t come freely, I’m going to carry you over here!” I shook my head again. “Last chance!” He yelled and I stayed rooted in place. I watched him stand up and start walking towards me giving me a chance to stand up and join the table. I didn’t budge. He kept walking until he stopped in front of me, “You know I will carry you over there.” He raised an eyebrow and I shrugged. He bent down and slowly slipped his hands around my waist and under my arms and hoisted me up. I wasn’t about to make this easy on him so, I hung limply letting him hold dead weight. He just smiled and I growled low in my throat.


Everyone in the room was now watching us and he knew it. By tomorrow everyone was going to think we were dating. He knew that to. I swung my feet back and forth as if I was on a joy ride and I could tell this irritated him so, I swung harder and faster. He just angled me so I’d kick a desk and when I flinched, he just snorted. Wow, I have never been so mad at someone before. He annoyed me so much I would rather spend my day with Bryan!


He finally let me down when we got to where Josh was sitting and I turned on my heel and casually attempted to walk away. He grabbed the back of my shirt and said, “Where do you think you’re going?” I could hear amusement and something else in his voice, annoyance?


I shrugged, “Can’t blame a girl for trying.” I mumbled. He heard me and laughed. Apparently Josh hadn’t because, he looked clueless like always. I turned around and Xavier’s hand stayed glued to my shirt so his arm slid around my waist. When he realized what he was doing, he jerked his hand away. I immediately sat down in a chair to avoid eye contact with Xavier. I heard Josh snicker at our awkward moment and I glared up at him. “Shut up!” I barked.


“Bite me.” He growled and stood there with his hands in fists. I started grinding my teeth so hard it felt like they were going to turn into little nubs. Suddenly smiling, Josh leaned forward and showed teeth that were actually really white. “So,” He started, “What do you guys wanna talk about?” He looked over at Xavier. Xavier just shrugged. “Should I ask her?” Josh motioned to me and I started shaking with fury at how they were talking to me like I wasn’t even in the room! Again, Xavier just shrugged and Josh turned to me. “So? What do you wanna talk about?” He repeated.


I shrugged, “Don’t look at me; I didn’t wanna be over here in the first place.” Josh raised an eyebrow and I rolled my eyes. “Stop looking at me! I just wanted to sit in my seat and think but, you guys just dragged- correction, carried- me over here. I have nothing to say to you guys.” I looked away to prove my point. They apparently didn’t like my point though, because right after I looked away I feel my chair being pulled over so that I had to look at them. I sighed and put on the most annoyed glare I could muster.


“Wow Xavier, I like your taste in girls. Sassy, funny, and cute. High five man!” Josh raised his hand and Xavier just looked at him. I shook my head without noticing I was doing it. I was many things but cute was not one of them. I had just been called cute by two of the most popular boys in school and it only took one subject for them to call me such. I snorted, I don’t get it but they seem interested in me today.


I could see why they were popular; Xavier had black hair that went to about the middle of his forehead, he had dark brown eyes, the structure of his face was made perfectly symmetric to the other side, he was muscular, he was pretty tall, and he always seemed comfortable and never exactly scared. Josh had a darker beauty even though he had light hair and light eyes. Josh had a sandy- brown hair color, lighter brown eyes, an intense gaze, sharp features, he was muscular, and he was always confident in everything he did.


“I am not going to be one of his girls.” I scoffed. Apparently Xavier thought this was also cute because he leaned closer to me and I held back a shiver. He smelled like Axe cologne, though I don’t know what type.


“How do you know? Maybe I’ll lure you in with my charm.” He waggled his eyebrows and I rolled my eyes. “Hey, I might.” He said then added with a smirk, “Can’t blame a boy for trying.” I leaned back in my seat and laughed sarcastically.


“What charm would that be?” I asked. “That time you dumped your milk on your ex when you were leaning over the table to kiss her? Or maybe that time you were making out with her in the hallway and you tripped over your own feet and knocked her to the ground?” His eyes blazed with embarrassment and anger and I felt satisfied.


“Oh, I’m sorry but that was a burn dude.” Josh said and his lips curved into a smile and he looked over at me again. “I like you, you wanna sit with us at lunch?” He looked at me expectantly.


“No.” I said and shook my head, “I need to sit with my friends.”


“What friends?” Josh asked.


“You know what? Never mind.” I shook my head again and leaned farther in my chair.


“No, seriously. What friends?” He leaned closer as if this might be a secret and I just shook my head harder.


“Back up.” I put my hands on his chest and tried to push but he wouldn’t budge. “Move!” I yelled and heard many people stop talking but I didn’t care. I’m claustrophobic which means I like my personal space and I’ll have a meltdown if I think I’m stuck somewhere. I pushed harder and my breathing quickened. I started shaking and twitching. He didn’t get the hint though, and he leaned in further.


“Tell me Angie. What friends do you have?” Josh was right next to my ear and whispering. I moved my leg to kick him but he blocked and held my legs down with his knees. Ohmigosh! He was on my frickin lap! I started squirming.


I heard Xavier in the background say, “Josh, stop it.” But he wouldn’t stop, he kept moving. My breathing slowly maximized so I was hyperventilating. I heard Josh laugh and I flinched. He sounded evil; I closed my eyes hoping it would be over soon.


“What friends?!” He yelled in my ear and I knew that got everybody’s attention and I whimpered. I didn’t know why he was doing this. Even this was totally out of Josh’s character and apparently it shocked everyone else. I knew I should talk but I couldn’t get any words out of my mouth.


“Josh! Get the hell off her!” Xavier yelled and Josh just ignored him and grabbed my arms.


“This is not a hard question!” Josh yelled and started shaking me really hard back and forth, “What friends are you sitting with!”


I felt a tear of fear slip out of my eye and onto my cheek and Josh’s eyes glittered with hunger. My breath caught in my throat and that’s when the thought hit me, was he going to rape me? In front of all these people? His knee slipped from my leg and went straight in my gut. I screamed in pain but it was muffled. But apparently it broke Xavier out of some sort of emotional spell and he lunged forward and grabbed Josh’s arms in his hands and peeled him off of me. When Josh was finally off I went limp and sighed. My gut throbbed but that was the only thing that hurt. So, like I always do after I get claustrophobia, I passed out.

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