The Dark Nights

When all electricity, and electric devices are cut off, It leaves a group of people to fight for their lives. They are against cannibals, starvation, and even themselves.


1. Prologue

I looked up as the strip of light shone through the miserable clouds. It looked weird, thin and bleak. As if it was fake. I didn't care though, I smile and laugh, it was amazing to see it.

My name is Angie, and the weeks before were spent trapped in complete darkness. There had been no electricity, not even batteries would work. The worst thing was, it wasn't just us. It was the entire world. No lights, no cell phones, computers, anything you plug into the wall. There was no communication, No vehicles could drive. We were all by ourselves, lost.

Over the dark weeks I realized that the dark held secrets, and not everyone survived. Some were eaten, some killed themselves, some were killed by things that roamed the streets. Others were killed by Plague.

But there's no use spoiling the story. Let me start from the beginning.

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