Once In A LifeTime (Niall Fanfiction)

Tori is not your ordanary girl on the outside she looks like one of a kind but inside her feelings are just like everyone eles. She goes to a school called Lambford High School and she's a senior who plans to have the time of her life. Her first day she expected to be just another day of school but than the number 1 boy band in the world ends up being at her school. On top of that Niall's got his eye on her but dosn't know how to tell her she's everything he's ever wanted. What will happen? Niall likes Tori as Tori likes him but she has a dirty little secret she likes Harry to so who will she choose? The sweet Irish man or the handsome British boy?


2. Wow!

     I didn't see One Direction the whole rest of the school day. So I was happy and sad at the same time. When I got home I went straight to my bedroom. When I sat down I pulled my IPhone out of pocket jast as I got a text saying Heyy wish we had time to talk today ;) at first I was like who the hell is texting me? So I responded Who Are You?? I thought it'd take awhile to get a response but not even a minute later my phone went bright and started blinking. When I opened the text it was from the same person saying Niall Horan, love I saw you in school and wanted to talk to you but I guess them crazy ass fans got in the way sorryyyy :( Oh I forgot what's your name love?  At that excact moment I screamed Niall Niall Horan the Niall Horan from One Direction wanted to talk to me! OMG!!! I couldn't believe it but I also wouldn't obsess and go all crazy Fangirl on him becaus eI know he hates that so I quickly typed Tori, Tori S it's so cool that you texted me an all but why me? Im not pretty or fun or anything good so why me? I mean don't get me wrong U are my favorite guy from One Direction but you could of texted any one so why, why me?

  As soon as I texted that my mom called me downstairs. When I got down stairs I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the most amazing thing in my life besides well you know kissing Niall but yeahhh I still couldn't belive my eyes. When I saw him i was in shock but you couldn't see that on my face. "Hey love" Niall said with the most beautiful Irish accent. I gave my mom a go away look and said to Niall "Umm Heyy what are you doing here?" My mom walked away and he said "I couldn't........ Umm I dont know I just had to come see you" He got a little red so I laughed and said "Okay well here's a question how the HELL did you find out where I live?????????? Because it's a little creepy just saying" "well" he said "I can find anyone I want if I ask and get their numbers but you already know that" "well okay wanna go on a walk or upstairs or something?" "Well if I go outside we'll get maulled so how bout your room?" He asked questionably. "Okay lets go I guess"

As we went upstairs I didn't know what to say so I kept quiet. Fianaly we got to the end of the hallway to my room, I opened my door and when I got to my bed he 'tripped' on top of me but I got to say I liked it. He just stared into my eyes for like 10 minutes intill I said "So are you enjoying being on me? because you seem pretty comfortable" He smiled saying "Yes very mugh so.... you have the most beautiful eyes Ive ever seen". When he got up he pulled me with him and we plopped onto my bed this time. We sat and talked about alot including my father dying and his dad gone from his life. By the time he'd been here for 2 hours we were laying down and I had my head on his chest it was warm and comfortable. When he started playing with my hair it was like we've know eachother for ever it all just felt right somehow. Then of course my mom had to ruin it by saying "Come on Niall's been here for 4 hours he has to go you need to take a shower and eat say good bye!!!!" I looked at Niall sad he had to go as we got up he pulled me into the nicest hug ever picking me up and spinning me, he then put me down and kissed my head than cheek. How cute I thought. "We walked down the staris hand in hand and then we hugged one last time this time him saying in my ear "See you tomarrow you are beautiful and I cant wait to see you tommarow I'm so glad I came today goodbye love" with that he kissed my head and left. 



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