Once In A LifeTime (Niall Fanfiction)

Tori is not your ordanary girl on the outside she looks like one of a kind but inside her feelings are just like everyone eles. She goes to a school called Lambford High School and she's a senior who plans to have the time of her life. Her first day she expected to be just another day of school but than the number 1 boy band in the world ends up being at her school. On top of that Niall's got his eye on her but dosn't know how to tell her she's everything he's ever wanted. What will happen? Niall likes Tori as Tori likes him but she has a dirty little secret she likes Harry to so who will she choose? The sweet Irish man or the handsome British boy?


1. Getting Ready

Tori's Point Of View.


                 I woke up to my alarm clock "I want you to rock me beepppp oww beeep" As I got up I heard my little sister Isabel yelling "Justin Beiber!!!! Pleaseeeee mum pleaseee mummy I wuv you pleaseee" I didn't know what she was begging for this time nor did I care enough to find out. I went to my green dresser to find the perfect outfit to work as first day of my senior year at Lambfor High School. "No..No....Eww...Why do I have this? this is ugly....Yesss PERFECT!!!!" I yelled I had found my Flower ruffle tank top, balck mini skirt with ruffles, and my black converses. After I put my outfit on I ran to my bathroom to put on my make-up nothing fancy just cover-up, gold eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. After I did my make-up i put my hair into a french fishtail braid and ran out the door.


                 When I got to school there was a big crowd surrounding what looked like a few people. There was a hummer limo in white with black trimming. Every girl and with an exception of around 10 guys were swarming these people I felt so bad for them. As I got closer I saw brown curly hair and blonde shaggy hair i thought it's probaly One Direction. So I started to walk past the big group when i noticed the one with blonde shaggy hair staring at me. I didn't know what to do so I smiled and waved as I did this he started coming towards me but got stopped by about 5 screaming girls. I took this time to run inside before he could notice me leaving. I took a breath A GUY FROM ONE DIRECTION WAS COMING TOWARDS ME AND LOOKING AT ME OF ALL PEOPLE ME!!! normally I'd shrug that off but no way I could shrug off Niall IMPOSSIBLE


                 I didn't see One Direction the whole rest of the school day. So I was happy and sad at the same time. When I got home I went straight to my bedroom. When I sat down I pulled my IPhone out of pocket jast as I got a text saying Heyy wish we had time to talk today ;) at first I was like who the hell is texting me? So I responded Who Are You??      

Author's note: sorry have to go finish soon :(




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