Reaping Stories

This is Bailey's first reaping. She's been hanging out with her best friend Primrose. It's Prim's first reaping too. What will happen when reaping day is finally here?


1. Reaping

Bailey's P.O.V.

"Prim..I'm scared."
"It's going to be okay Bailey. Katniss said there's no way we can get picked. Our names are in the bucket once." Tears started running down my face like the creek in the back of my house. I sat down on the tree stump in the backyard. Prim sat down next to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders.
"Don't cry Bailey. There are 3 days until the reaping. Let's make the best of them." She wiped my tears and we started up our game of hide and seek again.



Bailey - I wake up in my bed. My cat, Ginger, next to me. I stroke her fur a couple of times before getting up and changing into my blue sundress. I put my hair into a ponytail and head into the kitchen for our annual slice or cheese and piece of bread. I sit down and eat quickly, yelling to my mother that I was heading to Prim's to play.
Prim - I put on my yellow dress and Katniss braids my hair down my back. I quickly drink my goats milk and my slice of cheese. I head outside and wait in my tree house for Bailey. I see her run up the path and climb the ladder.
Bailey - We played card games and hand games all day. From go fish to war to patty cake. I head back home for dinner. A slice of bread with some strawberry jam. I put on my night dress and went to sleep with visions of the reaping filling my mind.



Prim - I wake up next to Katniss who is playing with my hair. "Morning little duck." She says smiling down at me. "Morning" I smile back. My sister was always right. I didn't doubt her that we wouldn't get picked at the reaping. I climbed out of bed and threw on my khaki pants and blue blouse. I went outside and headed towards my goats pen. I had to wash her today and Bailey was going to help me.
Bailey - I woke up and again pet my cat Ginger. I put on my khaki pants and my pink blouse. Prim and I were going to wear the same thing to the Reaping. She said it would help me be a little less nervous. I was going to her house today to help her wash her goat. I did that every Thursday. I ran out the door and headed down the path that led her backyard to mine.
Prim - We had just finished washing my goat when my mom called me in for dinner. "See you tomorrow?" I asked as I hugged Bailey goodbye. "Yeah." She headed back down the path and I waved goodbye. I walked into the house to the smell of a roasted squirrel. Katniss had been out hunting again.



Bailey - Tomorrows the reaping. I didn't get much sleep last night and I definitely wasn't going to get any sleep tomorrow. I put on green sundress and walked in the cool air to Prim's. She was outside wearing her purple sundress. Our hair was both down. My curly brown hair going down my back, her straight blonde hair over her right shoulder. We were playing with the bunnies in the woods. We wanted to say goodbye if we did have to leave.
Prim - I was so nervous. I could see Bailey was too. We had been in the woods for a few hours now and I was starting to get really nervous. The sky was getting dark which meant night time. Which meant sleeping. Which meant waking up tomorrow. Which meant going to the reaping. I wished I was anywhere but in Panem right now.
Bailey - I wondered back down the path to my house. Tears stinging my eyes. I promised Prim and Katniss I wouldn't cry. Katniss was like my big sister. I was an only child. Mostly because my mother and father didn't want to go through this more than once. They treated me like their little princess. I fell asleep with nightmares of the reaping again. I couldn't believe this was tomorrow.



Bailey - I woke up and put on my brown skirt. My white blouse tucked inside. I braided my hair into 2. I held in my tears and hugged my mom and dad. They gave me a kiss on the forehead and said they would see me soon. I really hoped I would.
Prim - Katniss helped me get ready. As I was done getting ready Bailey walked in. "Your mom let me in" She said. Katniss went over and gave her a hug. Katniss grabbed my hand and sat us down on the bed. She gave us each a pin. Mine was a mocking jay. Bailey got a hummingbird. We gave Katniss a hug and we headed out.
Bailey - They pricked my finger and drew some blood. I found Prim in the mess of children and grabbed her hand. This was the most nervous I had ever felt in a long time.
Bailey - Its been about half an hour. Effie Trinket took the stage and immediately called the names. I couldn't believe my ears. "Primrose Everdeen". I dropped her hand as the tears formed in both our eyes.


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