Clue #1

Telling about the Clue characters and their devious rivalries, Leading to kill a hopeful Mr. Boddy


1. Hello my name is...

Hello There! My name is Mr. Boddy, who lives in a beautiful mansion off the coast of Maine. I invite my wonderful guests every weekend, Including my maid. Miss Scarlet who is the youngest out of them, loves red and lovely touch. Mrs. Peacock who is the most proper and loves "peacock" blue. Another one of our guests is Mr. Green, he is overly obsessed with money and loves green.  Professor Plum used to be a scientist he has retired and lives in a nursing home, he can't remember much, and loves purple. Colonel Mustard is one of our guests who is a colonel, Loves dueling and yellow. Last but certainly not least is Mrs. White, who is my ever-so lovely maid with such a nice personality! Well I shouldn't keep you waiting, Here you go!!!!!

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