18 years old..

Aurelie just turned 18 this year.. But she goes on a long journey that was caused my a birthday present.. One direction Concert ticket.. How will her journey end??


2. The big surprise!

Aurelie's P.O.V


I opened my eyes slowly and my whole family just smiled right in front of my face. I screamed really loud. I was so shocked. "Whoa a little jumpy there kiddo" dad said. "Sorry dad. Hehe. Oh Dad I'm eighteen I'm not a kid anymore. So please stop calling me kiddo." I said. "Oh alright. Well give your whole family a hug Aurelie!" I hugged every single one of them. They each said Happy birthday. My mom was sitting on my bed and she was holding a tray. It had all my favorite foods. It had Bacon, Ham, Pancakes shaped as hearts with butter and syrup, orange juice, and to top it all of mom added a bouquet of flowers that had a card attached to it. It read Happy birthday sweetheart. I didn't realize but when everyone left so I could have some privacy to eat the card had a pocket inside. I opened the pocket and I pulled out a piece of paper that was folded. I opened it up and I couldn't believe my eyes. "TWO ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TICKETS!!" I took the tray of my lap very calmly and got out of the bed and screamed my head off! "Oh my gosh!! I am going to see One direction in concert! I immediately took my phone and called Maddie. She answered and said "Happy birthday Aurelie!." I screamed as loud as I can into the phone "WE ARE GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!" I heard Maddie screaming and calling to her mom. I jumped up and down and screamed like I had found One billion dollars. I said to Maddie "This is going to be the best weekend EVER!!!!!" 

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