18 years old..

Aurelie just turned 18 this year.. But she goes on a long journey that was caused my a birthday present.. One direction Concert ticket.. How will her journey end??


1. One more day..

Aurelie's P.O.V


It was a day before my birthday. I was extremely excited. I was turning eighteen and to me that was a big deal. It meant to me that I was finally a grown up. Ready to get my own job, ready to move out of the house, and ready to have the greatest adulthood. My BFFL (Best friends for life) Wanted to go shopping for my birthday party. Maddie is my BFFL. She just turned eighteen last week. Maddie and I are a week apart. We went to Aeropostale and when we stepped inside. Maddie just zooms around the place and looks for a perfect outfit for me and her. I look around and found some cute accessories. Maddie comes to me and starts panting like a dog. "I found some outfits. Here try them on." I tried them on and they were perfect all we needed were the perfect shoes. We went to Payless and found some ankle boots that  were to die for! I drove Maddie home. When I got home I enjoyed my last hours as a teenager/kid.  "I can't believe this is happening"

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