Is This Really Real (One direction fanfic)

When 2 ordinary teenage girl go to a one direction concert what will happen if they sneak in for the backstage meet and greet. Will they get kicked out, or will they deiced that they should just go home? But when Ana looses her phone at the concert what would happen? Read to find out!


5. The morning part 1

Em's POV:

After we hung up with our mom Ana and I went with the boys in the limo. "Wow is this ever big." Ana said. "The boys just nodded and laughed. We got in the limo like this. Harry, Me , Niall, Ana, Louis, Liam, and then Zayn. After a bit of silence Niall said "so girls we each have a room and there is not enough for everyone to have there own, so i hope you wouldn't mind sleeping with one of the boys?"  Then Harry said "Em if you want you can share a room with me?" "um .. okay!" :) Then Ana gave me a smirk. She new I liked Harry. I text-ed her saying "Ana don't give me that I know you like Niall. " She responded right away saying "So, you like harry" We just looked at each other and laughed. The boys looked at us and asked why we were laughing. I instantly said "Because Ana likes Niall and wants to share a room with him!" Ana blushed and looked down and Niall also was blushing. "Ohhh look at this! Niall and Ana both blushing." Louis said. Niall shot him a glare witch made him laugh even more. This was going to be a long night i thought.

in the morning---------------------

Harrys POV:

As soon as i woke up i noticed em was still sleeping so i was looking at her beautiful eye, hair , everything really. She was so pretty. After she woke up she looked at me and asked "Were you watching me sleep?" "um.. ya" I replied. "Oh.. Well why i mean I dont even look good." She went to the mirror "Wow and my hair is a mess." "you look fine, love." I said. After she asked me If she could take a quick shower. I nodded and showed her to the bathroom. i came back in my room and noticed she had a text. I was kinda wondering if should read it or not but as i walked past it i saw it had my name written in the text. lets just take a quick peek i thought. The text said

To EM 

I called last night your mom told me you were speeding the night with One Direction?! and sleeping with Harry. no Way.Text me back when you get this.

After I read the text i thought oh maybe one of em's friends. I'll let her know when she comes out. After about 10min she came out. "Hey harry did you see my phone any were?" "Ya is on the night stand and you got a text." "Harry creeper! Stalking me now." She said jokingly "No well it had my name in it so i was just wondering."We both laughed. She looked at her phone and sighed


Em's POV: 

 Oh know not her again she bullied me all m life and my brother is her girlfriend but he does not know that she is mean to me and only talks to me because yes my brother is Austin. She even almost killed me but stabbing my thigh. But luckily someone called 911. I thought i was gonna die but i did not and now i am scared to were a bathing suit and ya because there is a scar and it hurts when water is on it maybe i should tell harry.   " Is everything alright?" Harry asked "Well harry not really..." Then someone knocked at the door. Harry went to open it. There she stood. Oh know I thought.



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