Is This Really Real (One direction fanfic)

When 2 ordinary teenage girl go to a one direction concert what will happen if they sneak in for the backstage meet and greet. Will they get kicked out, or will they deiced that they should just go home? But when Ana looses her phone at the concert what would happen? Read to find out!


2. the concert


Emma's POV:


After I finished helping Ana with her makeup she helped me with mine. After we complemented each other like a few times i told her to go put her outfit on first. She squealed and ran into our walk in closet and out on  


after she put that on she came out and she walked around the room like she was a model. I laughed and said "You look cute doll." We both burst out laughing and she thanked me and then she shoved me into the closet and yelled "hurry up and change hun!" Before walking out to show Ana what I was wearing I double checked myself. Hum I actually looked cute. I came out wearing 


after she complemented me we headed down stairs. My mom's mouth dropped open and she was just shocked on how cute we looked. "Mom close your mouth are you trying to catch some fly's?" I asked. Me and Ana both cracked up. 


Mom's POV:

after my lovely girls came down they looked amazing! "Sorry girls but damm you

lookin good" They both chuckled and replied with a thanks. "Oh and girls by the way I hope I wont be seeing boys tomorrow when I wake up!" I smirked  "Mom were going to see one direction it is not like they would want to come home with us anyway." Said Ana and Emma at the same time. "okay okay I was just saying."



Ana's POV:

After we said good bye to mom (i call her mom too) me and Em both ran to the car. Em said she would be driving because I would get to excited when we were in the parking lot and probably crash into cars and maybe run over a few people. lol just kidding but I might probably crash into cars because of excitement!

After we drove for about 1 Minuit I was already complaining. "hurry up grandma by the time you get there the concert will be over!" I said. "it's only been 2min we will get there in about half an hour." Em replied.

-----------------------------------------------After half an hour--------------------------------------




OMG i swear Ana broke a window. "Okay calm down" I said. I pulled into a parking and we both walked out and after a bit of waiting got into the concert. We had floor seats witch was even better! After about 10min the boys came on stage and  i turned to Ana as fast as I could she looked clam. Wow what a surprise.After One Direction sang irresistible, Little things,shes not a afraid, Moments, more than this,they dont know about us,nobody compares, Kiss you, over again, rock me, magic , last first kiss, change my mind and what makes you beautiful the concert was over. As everyone started to leave Ana said "OmgOmg em I lost my phone! " "Well it has to be here somewhere! Lets start looking." Soon everyone left and it was easier to look for her phone. I soon noticed that even the meet and greet was over and we still haven't found her phone. "Were could it have goon?" she yelled at me from the other half of the stage! "I don't know I yelled back??"

  After I saw Niall horn Form ONE DIRECTION Come! He came to me and asked "Is something missing?" I panicked and in my mind I was glad Ana did not see this. "Umm ya my friend Ana over there lost her phone." I finally managed to say. He looked at me and flashed a smile and said "i'll be right back." As he left right away Ana ran up to me. "Em... Em was that.. was that niall??" she whispered in my ear. Oh god what do i say? "umm Ana ya it was bu-" she cut me off "Em it is fine i wont scream just tell me what he said. Ana said in the happiest tone ever! "he said he would be right back." She just smiled. As we ended our min convo we turned around to see all of the members of one Direction standing there. Niall gave a smile and said "Well hello i believe this belongs to you." he said as he handed Ana her phone. She jumped up and gave him a huge hug. and that's when it all started.





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