Is This Really Real (One direction fanfic)

When 2 ordinary teenage girl go to a one direction concert what will happen if they sneak in for the backstage meet and greet. Will they get kicked out, or will they deiced that they should just go home? But when Ana looses her phone at the concert what would happen? Read to find out!


3. meeting the boys

Ana's POV:

As soon as Niall from one direction gave me my iPhone I jumped on him for a hug and as soon as I noticed what I was doing I hopped back off. Then I felt bad for jumping on Niall so I said "Um Sorry I didn't mean-" i was cut off by him. "It's fine it happens all the time." He said.


Em's POV:

After Ana and Niall stopped talking I said "Ana we should probably go my mom is probably wondering were we are." She looked sad then said "It was a blessing to meet you guys but we should get going." As soon as she said that she looked like she was going to cry but then harry said "Now wait we cant let two lovely girls like you too go home without knowing your names." "Well I am Emma and this is Annabel." I said a bit too excited. They all laughed. But then i said "you can call me em and Anable Ana if you want." They nodded in agreement. 


Harry's POV:

After we got to know the girls names I said "Well maybe you could give your mom a call and ask here if you girls would like to stay at our hotel with us and maybe go home tomorrow evening?" They looked at each other and nodded and said "can you give us a sec." At the same time. Then we all laughed and em and Ana left to call their mom. As soon as they left i asked "Are they sisters?" Niall Said "I thinks so they look alike." Then Liam said "well we can ask when they get back."



Ana's POV:

As em dialed her moms number I was so excited "One direction wants us to spend the night!" She laughed and said "I know! and they want us to spend the day with them too." How can this night get better I thought. just then em's mom answered the phone.

Phone convo****

"Hello, were are you girls, is everything okay?

"Mom" em said "were fine we just were talking to you know just One direction." "what!? No way guys come home and stop playing with me" She laughed.               "No mom we are not playing with you" Em said. Then I said "really were not, wait one sec"          "guys come here I said to they boys. "ya" they said. "well me and em were wondering if you could talk to our mom because she doesn't believe that we are her with you." I said "okay they said what is her name?" Eliza" Em said. 

The boys talking " Hello Mrs Eliza were One Direction." 

"okay guys I believe you. So when are you coming home?" She asked.                   "Well mom" Em said "you see-" Harry interrupted "Sorry Mrs Eliza but we were wondering if your two girls would mind spending the night with us because it is 10:00 and it is dark. We promise to return then tomorrow evening."  everyone smiled and then Eliza said "girls I mean okay but wait have manners and be home tomorrow night." me and Emma both squealed and said  "OMG thanks mom and dont worry we will be fine have manners and be home tomorrow!" 

End of phone call***


Authors note: Sorry this chapter was short and not the best but comment on let me know what you think so far and if i should change anything. Also Please like and favorite thanks 


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