Is This Really Real (One direction fanfic)

When 2 ordinary teenage girl go to a one direction concert what will happen if they sneak in for the backstage meet and greet. Will they get kicked out, or will they deiced that they should just go home? But when Ana looses her phone at the concert what would happen? Read to find out!


1. 1) Getting ready


Emma's POV:  "I can't believe that the concert is tomorrow!" Yelled my best friend Annabel. Ana has lived with me since high school because her mom died when she was 5 and her dad travels. Ana and I have been BFF's for as long as I could remember! We totally fangirl over One Direction all the time. Tomorrow we are going to their concert and we can't wait!    Ana's POV:  "OMG I can't wait for tomorrow em! Gosh what are we going to were? I practically shouted at her. " Calm down, I got the outfits already picked out!, now lets get some rest because we got to be up early tomorrow if we want to make it to our hair and nail appointment." Said Emma. " Okay, your right we should get some rest. Night em love you babe." " love you too Ana now please go to bed."  -------------- next morning -------- "OMG em em wake up! Wake up It's today! Today is the day we are going to the concert.  Em's POV: I was woken up by the most loudest person in the world yelling at me so we could get to our appointments. As I woke up I saw Ana dressed and ready to go! ( Typical her) " alright just let me change and we can go." As soon as I was done changing we were out the door like there was no tomorrow. After we got our hair and nails done we headed back home to change and do our makeup. When we walked in my mom made us breakfast so we ate and then ran upstairs to change and do our makeup.    sorry for the short chapter if you like please comment like and favorite and if i get a lot of likes ill write more and continue  :) 
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