The headstone

Very short fanfic about Harry...
Might make you feel weak.. :) - its sadd


1. The Headstone.

It's a warm, yet cloudy day in the park. You sit there, surrounded by many people, but you still feel.. alone. You have been here for what seems like forever, waiting for that special someone.

As if on cue, Harry, your beloved husband, comes jogging up to you. He is excited to visit you. You haven't seen each other in so long, because of his work. He sits next to you and he talks to you for hours. He tells you how the other boys have been, and tell stories of his latest adventures. Soon, it becomes evening; but Harry barely notices because he is only interested with you. But as the sky gets darker, he checks his watch for the time. Apologizing, he explains that he has to go back to work.

His innocent eyes tell you how bad he feels. As he kisses your headstone, he places a bouquet of flowers on your grave. He slowly rises, as if trying to stall. As he gets into his car, he takes one last look at you, and then drives away.

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