Little Things

Fliss feels lost when her big brother Louis goes on tour, she feels that starving herself is the only control she has left in her life. When Louis and his bandmates come home for a surprise visit they are shocked to find her looking gaunt and frail..Harry begins to uncover Fliss' secrets..but ends up having to cover up something else...


3. London

The boys apartment block was modern and luxurious. It was in central London surrounded by a concrete jungle of offices, shops and apartments. The doormen tipped their hats as we walked through into the swish lobby. "Woah it's amazing!" I said eyes wide with astonishment as we entered the glass lift. We zoomed up to the top floor where the boys and their girlfriends shared two apartments. We parted at the door of lift and I followed Lou down the corridor to His, Eleanor and Harry's apartment. The boys had shared apartments in London together since the X Factor but had only recently moved in here and bought their girlfriends too. Zayn, Perrie, Liam , Danielle and Niall all shared the other apartment suite but were very rarely all their at the same time. The apartment was incredible! The floor was glistening marble, the walls were floor to ceiling glass looking out over London. On one side were glass doors leading out onto a deck hanging over the building. On the deck was a big hot tub.. My mouth was open wide as I peered into all the rooms. "Ahaa you like it?" Harry laughed. "Uhh yes! It's like a hotel! No! nicer than a hotel!" I replied. Louis showed me his and Eleanor's room. It had a huge double bed with amazing mood lighting and a stunning en-suit bathroom. Then he took me to Harry's which was pretty much the same, but far messier! "So where am I sleeping?" I enquired excitedly. 
"You can sleep in one of the guest rooms which is just through here." I followed Louis through the door opposite to Harry's. The room had a huge double bed with a white fluffy blanket draped over the top. I immediately jumped onto the bed and curled up with the blanket. Louis laughed and jumped on with me, " I knew you'd like that blanket!" I gave him a big cuddle and his wrapped his strong arms around me. I felt so safe here. "Your apartment is amazing! I want to live here all the time!" I said gently pulling away from our hug. 
"I know, I'm very lucky! I wish you could live here too Fliss but I'm not sure if mum would like that!" 

The next morning, I opened my eyes finding myself curled under the blanket.  I was freezing cold yet i knew the apartment was stomach groaned with hunger as usual but i liked the feeling of emptiness...My head was spinning and i felt dizzy as i slowly sat up from the bed. My head pounded through the silence of the apartment as I wandered down the hallway to the kitchen. It was empty. I scanned the room and then peered through to the living room. Also empty. I noticed a note placed carefully on the counter next to a bowl of fruit salad. It read (In Louis cute but messy handwriting; 

'G'morning Fliss, Harold and I have gone to rehearsals for the Brits thing today and El's got a meeting so we will be out till this afternoonI think! Sorry I didn't wake you but you looked so peaceful! I made you a fruit salad for breakfast- PLEASE EAT IT :)  Love Boobear xx <3' 

Awh Louis really is the best big brother in the world! I opened the draw and got out a spoon..I was just about to sit down and eat when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the glass wall. All I saw was my huge legs and stomach. I felt sick. My eyes pricked with tears and I dropped the spoon on the table. I felt so angry. Angry that everyone was lying to me. I was fat. They were wrong. I ripped up Louis' note and ran back into the bedroom.

I pulled on a pair of shorts and a baggy top and tied up my trainers. The door banged behind me as I headed towards the lift. Outside the cold wind was blowing briskly whipping up my loose hair. My feet pounded the pavement as I ran along side the traffic. My head pounded with every step and I felt Un bearably dizzy. But I didn't stop. I couldn't. I was fat. I deserved this.  I ran and ran. I wouldn't let myself stop. My skin was damp with sweat yet I felt freezing cold. My breath was short and sharp and my lungs felt as if they might burst.  My surroundings blurred as I continued along the pavement , now running into the unknown. Then everything went black.

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